Monday, 27 August 2007

Jesus loves all of us...

…Its may be full of words. But please have the patients to read on…

We always here this. Follow the rules. But the main point of rules is to make sure we don't fall into the bad side. Sometimes, we need to break the rules in order to know ourselves.

Everyone has the key within themselves. Give more and more encouragements and comlpiments as the

days passes. To your family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, children, anyone that you

know to see one’s virtue. Is it that difficult? Everyone needs encouragements. But why do we often

hesitate to shower compliments? In every child or grownup, there’s an angel and a devil. Seek out the

angel and the best qualities will surface. There’s much truth in the saying, “Resources used wrongly will

become wasted.” “Waste used correctly can become resources.” Appreciation is a powerful force.

Sometimes we can be down to the point our lives are no longer worthful. I know for I’ve gone through it

before. It was heart breaking to the point that I wanted to put my life down for no cause for I’ve partially

lost half of it. It was hell but a small part of my heart kept me standing. So I carried on with life

bitterfully and miserabally. Crying everyday till my eyes were almost bleeding. I jz hope I could turn back

time and undo things. But that will never happen. I will not note what I’ve gone through for I want

and hope to let it go. But always remember, when there is no one to be there sharing or listening or

comforting you, turn to Jesus. He was always right beside you every step of your journey called life.

The story of the footprints. When times were fine and well, Jesus walked beside us and there were 2 pairs of footprints. There came trials and problems. Heartache and tears role down your cheeks every moment of time. But there was only one pair of footprint. But we complained that Jesus left us alone to suffer and die. Then Jesus said. I wasn’t away from you. But I was carrying you in my beloved arms. I carried your pain and guided you through.

Its ok if you are not a christian when you read this blog. But I want you to know,Jesus loves you and even gave His very own life to cleanse all your sins…

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