Friday, 28 August 2009


I have a list of people to thank... Before I start, I made it! I passed my LLB Inter-Exams which I sat for in May 2009. This year is going to be a hard year, but I am going to trust God. Currently, I still need wisdom on what subjects to apply for as my optional paper. My choices are Family Law, Law of Evidence, Law of Succession, Company Law or Commercial Law. I have to see Ms Linda on this also. Having a big dilemma. I like all of them but for this year, I can only pick 1. Hence, still going around for advice and praying hard.

First on my list to thank will be GOD! He has been ever faithful. In the midst of my revision classes which clashed with Sunday Services, I decided to stop attending it and put God first. I stopped going and did my own revision. Well, the proud thing to say is that those subjects that I did not attend the classes, I scored better marks for it. But overall, I PASSED! What I would imply here is that GOD COMES FIRST. And things will fall into place by His timing and His grace. Not only that, God has gave me many angels in my life which have been great blessings to me.

1st angel, my DEAR - JOSEPH LAU BEK YEONG. He was the one who was there when Mr. Sanjay was laying out all the details for my course. He also was the one who followed me to sign up and pay for my 1st year as a student of ATC and an external student of University of London. Not just that, he sent me for classes every Tues & Fri & Saturdays. In between classes, he take me out for lunch or tea and even the meal after my classes. When I have extra classes at night, he will make sure that he is there before my classes end. He is an angel. Dear even sent me for my exams. He followed me up to the door of my exam hall. Before I entered, he will say a prayer and give me a kiss. After my papers, he will be faithfully waiting for me downstairs and will give me a hug. There are too many things to thank him. Till now, I have been saying 'thank you' to him non stop.

2nd - DADDY! He did not just pay for my fees, he was praying for me unceasingly. I can say that I did make him proud despite all. He was beaming when he saw me after he received a call from Dear saying that I PASSED! He just permitted me to build a mini library in the office. So yippee! I always wanted a library like the one in Beauty & the Beast. Well, I guess I shall start small. Dad also taught me the hardship of life. I have to work and study. So the principle - time management has been instilled. Besides that, I have to pay for my own extra reference books. This has taught me the value of $$$.

3rd - Mom. Even though me and her don't get along much. I have to thank her. Reason being : she is always telling me the consequences of me failing and the $$$$ involved. Without her, I would probably be slacking.

4th - Joel. He has been telling me that I will pass. The cute thing when we were trying to retrieve my results online, he told me that even if you fail, its OK. Silly fella. After every paper, he will call and ask me how is the paper. So thank you JOEL!!!

5th - Lecturers at ATC - Ms. Linda, Ms Vaani, Ms Queenie, Mr Sanjay, Ms Shizreen and Mr Mark. All the lectures and classes have been a great help. Especially Ms. Linda's endless encouragements, Ms Vaani's determination of making all of us pass her paper and Ms. Queenie's method of conducting her Crime lectures. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

6th - People who kept me in prayers. Thank you!

7th - Sis San Nee. She was the person I spoke to in 2007 before I decided to study Law. Without her, I probably would not have chose Law as my future career.

For those I have missed out, I am also very grateful for the assistance provided in anyway.

To a good friend of mine, you have been a great friend in college since A-Levels. I wish you well sincerely & and believe that you can do it! (you know who you are, I hope)
Do keep in touch!


Friday, 17 July 2009

5 months to go!

We have been together for more than 3 1/2 years and 15/12/2009 will mark our 4th year as a couple. Well, we have shared many joyful, sweet, loving moments as well as sad, angry and terrible moments. He is neither a perfect guy or a drop-dead romantic prince charming. But I still love him. Through these years, he has improved a lot. For instance. no more burping in public, less swearing, locks the car door before begin his journey (he even locked me out last night!), eats less meat and more green, no more tantrums (secret: I will give in first and punish him later when he cools down :p), and he even got more romantic! Recently, we went to Gurney Drive with his aunts for breeze walk, there was this girl selling roses, he bought 1 for me. I told him not to because it was expensive. At least, he improved. He got more vain too! He doesn't go to Mamak barber anymore because the hair cut is terrible (now, he request for an appointment with the hair stylist); he wears shoes to work, he loves his Raoul top, only wears Camel Active long pants and shorts (except his blue jeans), uses a Guess wallet (not some gift walet when he was a kid), most of all, he will bathe without me nagging him to! (I heard complaints from his cousins, when he is back in Ipoh, he never bathes. Now, they even teased him for bathing more times than anyone else there!) He used to be very mad when church members commented on us(those are long and forgetten chapters, no point bringing them up). Now, he will just ignore and prove to them that they are wrong!

When we started off, many people gossiped, complaint and some even said we don't deserve each other. We fought due to the pressure of being a so 'high profile' couple in church. I hated the attention and I cried, whereas he reacts. As time goes by, we learned to compromise, tolerate and accept each others flaws. Besides that, we also learned how to forgive others who have hurt us. Although the words they spoke against us were hurtful but yet, we have to move on. Those times when we fought, tantrums and words flew and the fights lasted for hours. Now, we still get angry a each other but in less than few minutes, we will end up laughing at our silliness.

I look forward to more years with him. Enough said.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

My New Companion

My lovely gift from my Dearest Darling. It's a Casio MDV-700D. Semi analog & digital time casting. How did this little timepiece came into picture. Well, for long long long time d, always say I wanted a Casio watch. Everytime pass shop, say nice la, bla bla bla. But say go buy, no need la. Another time la. Another time till 3 years d. Today went to Salvation to get some audio cd(s) to fill in our collection. After that, I wanted to drop by at the auto accessories shop. Dear went to artist gallery while me search for things. After I'm done which took awhile, went next door, Dear not there. Call HP no one answers. Thought she went to the accessories shop lo. No one. Then walk further, saw Dear in the watch shop. Straight me scream "...". Without my knowing, Dear bought the watch. She had to if not, I'll never buy if I'm there beside her. Lolx. Anywayzzz, THANKS SWEETHEART!. It's beautiful. Really appreciate it...

*Pictures taken by self*

Love the back ground solid black,dials (without sec jarum),digital clock,build material solid,10year battery life, & the list goes on.


Monday, 25 May 2009

KL trip...(15/05/09 - 17/05/09)

As stated before, Dear and I have been to KL for a short trip to attend Paul's wedding. We took a flight there and well, the first thing to thank God was : we did not board on the same flight as the person who had Swine Flu when we came back to PEN...instead of AK 5358, we boarded on AK5368. We booked the flight months ago. Hence, God's hands were really upon us. Imagine being quarantined and labeled "DANGEROUS".
Before we came back, Ken was sniffling and then Uncle Siew / Siew Chek took him to Guardian to get some pills to stop his running nose. He was joking about later the policeman catching Ken and locking him up. Seriously, he is a very cool.

On 15/05/2009, we boarded the 4.20pm flight to KL(LCCT). The plane was full and we have to queue up to board the plane. On board, we were joking about Dear needing an extended belt but surprisingly, the seat belt fit him!...XD...When we arrived at LCCT, we managed to board on the bus once we got out from the airport. The bus ride was HORRENDOUS! There were these 2 kids that were screaming and yelping. They kicked our chair, pulled our stuffs...seriously, ANNOYING... and guess what? The mom was fast asleep, while the dad played along with them! Don't know what is wrong with them. Upon reaching Sentral, there was a traffic jam and we got stuck. I was hoping that my sweet shop won't close. Crossing my fingers and counting the distance on my GPS. Ken, dear and me managed to drop our luggages in Geraldine's car and hopped onto a taxi to get to KLCC. On our way, we actually saw people fighting in the middle of the road which is scary. How can people living in the city behave like barbarians?...SHOCKING!... I held my bag close to me and prayed for our safety.BTW, we managed to get good taxi drivers. Another thing to thank God about!

When I saw the shop, I ran towards it. The people in there were very bossy and would not entertain us as they probably taught that we are one of those 'window shoppers'. When I finally caughtt he attention of the manager,and they led me to a counter and brought out all the bags. Well...the rest is history and I got my bag!

After that, we took the subway and train and taxi to Tropicana Golf Resort. Silly us asked the taxi to stopped us at the guard house and the guard was like,'You better call your taxi back or else you will have to walk more than 1km!'. We all chose to walk. All of us were perspiring and something happened to Dear. But if I say it here, he will kill me. We helped out with the deco and left @ 2.30AM. Before we slept, me and dear watched Cadet Kelly. Slept @ 4am!

The next day, we saw Paul getting dolled up and we ladies, (Ah Um, Aunty Molly and I) sat in Siew Chek's BMW 5 Series to get our hair done. Geraldine picked us up afterwards and Siew Chek took us to the hotel in his 7 series. The cars were superbly comfortable.

*Pictures of the wedding is on facebook* I am too lazy to blog about it....

On Sunday, Siew Chek was supposed to take us to SIBKL. But instead, he took us for the best curry mee! and Dear were looking for a 5 storey high building. When we asked him where were we, all he said was,"I am hungry. Eat first can anot?". He never planned to take us to church.. Until Aunty Molly called me several times. He even wanted to abandon Aunty Molly at SIBKL and take us shopping!.At the end, he dropped us at SIBKL. The church is awesome and the praise & worship was very good. We saw Kenny played the guitar also. After 3/4 of the service, Aunty Molly asked us to leave. Siew Chek took us in his orange Pajero to eat the best Yong Tau Fu. The food was yummy. He was so kind to take us all the way to LCCT instead of dropping us at Sentral.

That's all for now, will blog later. Can't wait to ride on Siew Chek's new BMW which was used as Paul's bridal car. I WANNA GO TO KL AGAIN!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

my new baby!

I will be sitting for my last paper tomorrow...I just can't wait to get it over and done with....sickening paper with so many cases to read!....I always thought Contract Law was unique because it is based on case law...but now I have to memorise them, it is actually annoying to me now...all those mistake, misrep.,frustration, illegality...who would know that a piece of paper or document can lead to so much!!!!!!!!!!

On the other note....I am ecstatic!... I got my new bag!...well, I do not have any real pictures of it yet because I am so busy right now... But I am manged to grab some thru the net... I will blog more about it and the wedding soon!...

Love, Esther

Monday, 27 April 2009

May Highlights!

May is going to be an eventful month for me and dear.
First day of the month is a public holiday. Hence, we will be getting our much needed rest from all the stress we have. On that day, I will have to submit my VLE essay...but thank God, I have finished it months ago...XD

EXAMS!The next on my May list...dreading it but looking forward to get it over and done with...I have been studying my butt off for seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months!...all the cases, legislation, theories, principle etc...I do not just need to understand it but I have to MEMORIZE all of them...
Really need divine favor!

Paul's wedding! In the midst of my exams, I will be flying down to KL to attend Paul Lau's wedding!...though I won;'t be having much time for shopping but I always love weddings..They are just so pretty...And finally seeing Paul walking down the aisle...Is just so amazing!..

Adding to my KL trip, I will getting my FIRST baby!... not going to say much about it now... But thinking of my baby makes me feel so ecstatic! I feel like jumping all over and scream... I am sounding like a mad woman... Honestly, I am going mad! I dream about Public Law, Criminal Law, Common Law and Contract Law....Sometimes I see stars all around...currently, I can admit myself in an asylum... On the other note, I am insanely confessing that I can do it(pass or get a 60++)... If I ever get the scholarship to London, I will be crazily shopping!...*dear will and is going to faint!*
Coming back to my baby, I will blog about it when I have it in my hands...hehehehe...

May also marks the month of freedom!..madamoiselle will free! more exams... Can send all memories about exams into the recycle bin...recycle my books...Oooo...I will hopping around once its OVER!...

Next, I can go to church as usual again!....Since the exam fever, classes schedule has gone hay-wire...everyday STUDY STUDY STUDY!...why did I choose law?....I ended up being a NERD!...even Joel also say I am nerd...How wonderful!

For now, I need to STUDY STUDY STUDY and be a nerd...I want to pass and move on!...Screw negative thoughts and arrogant examiners! You are not going to stop me from doing well!...only God can determine my future... so KEEP AWAY!

*p.s. I am officially insane!...I think McNaughten's Rule will 100% fit me...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kwang Hwa (C)

S.J.K. (C) KWANG HWA. According to educational standards, this is a good school. Parents are keen on sending their kids to this particular school due to high scoring statistics over the years. My Dear, Joseph Ban & now lil fatty boy (Joel Ban) are all from KHwa. Simple, they are all smart. But coming to Joel, hmm. Think twice lo. At home everyday watch tv only. Gila mia advertisements like never see or hear before also he knows. Smart but lazy boy. And knows how to eat! Yea, I meant eat. Like me Joseph Lau. Well, I'm proud to say that i'm his inspiration. Why?. Cause i'm big size (round) and cute. Therefore must eat eat eat to be like me. Hehex...


Ferrari 599 GTB

A while back, drove home as usual. But this day very special. From Masjid Negeri, I was at the back of this Ferrari 599 GTB. Marvelous sight! And was thinking like, how in the world did this person afford a car which cost either like a luxurious house or more. Bless him anyway. Moreover, look at the car plate. "EJ5". What is my explanation to this plate?. "Esther & Joseph will have 5 of this Ferrari"!. Yay!!!...


Friday, 10 April 2009

Marvelous driver. Salute!

Was looking up on forums at Came pass this spot. Your father hero ah if was him. Forum was under Police Rules Tips & Summons.

My dad's friend got his license suspended for life for reckless driving... he intentionally crashed a bimmer off the road, resulting the bimmer crashing into the drain and turned turtle.

reason? coz 'kiasu' ... the bimmer sorta bully him, not allowing to overtake, and at times let him overtake, but overtake him back again, and drive slowly... (no offense.. the bimmer driver is indian)... so my dad's friend got furious (contractor mahh) ... overtook him, and crashed him fr the side... ala hollywood style..

straight the bimmer crashed into longkang and flip. He still went down.. scolded the driver and told him to make police report.. he dont care.

whoa.. crazy mann.

By zephyr3d.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Help needed !!!

I'm currently in the mist of searching for a 2nd hard car. Budget below RM26k. The car have to fulfill the list below :

1. Able to travel outstation without a problem (With regular servicing done of course)
2. 5 seater (Including driver)
3. Fuel economical (Obviously)
4. Acceptable boot space
5. Low in maintenance
6. Auto

What i have in my list are Kia Spectra, Toyota Corolla SEG, Honda Civic EG, Proton Waja, Proton Wira, Proton Iswara & Perodua Kelisa. Well, which are mostly the only cars you can buy with that budget. You may be thinking, why not ask my parents to get a NEW car for me. I have my reasons and the main, to depend on myself.

Kindly note down your opinions in my *comment*. Really appreciate it if you could help out.

Have a nice day!


Friday, 20 March 2009

Bad Fuel Comsumption of cars

Dear readers, most of the times we feel that our cars are burning too much fuel although we tried everything to lower it down. After spending some time looking up on the internet, hope this helps. It's a compilation by on fuel saving tips.

  1. Slow down - just follow the speed limit
  2. Check your tire pressure - at least once a month, in cool condition.
  3. accelerate moderately
  4. turn off air conditioner - (only applicable at night)
  5. keep the original - don’t upgrade your car with fancy rim or tyre
  6. reduce your car weight
  7. downsize - use a smaller car (CLK? Cute Little Kancil.)
  8. Don’t drive - those without driving license don’t spend much on fuel
  9. Avoid extremely high speeds
  10. Don’t brake hard
  11. Keep windows closed at high speed (of course with air-con on)
  12. Service vehicle regularly
  13. Maintaining a constant speed
  14. Avoid long idles - turn it off if it is going to be idle for more than 1 minute
  15. Warming up engine is not necessary
  16. Be sure the automatic choke is disengaged after engine warm up
  17. Buy fuel during coolest time of day - early morning or late evening is the best.
  18. Use credit card with fuel rebate
  19. Never fill gas tank past the first “click” of fuel nozzle, if nozzle is automatic.
  20. Manual shift driven cars allow you to change to highest gear as soon as possible, thereby letting you save fuel.
  21. Think ahead when approaching hills. If you accelerate, do it before you reach the hill, not while you’re on it.
  22. Avoid rough roads whenever possible - dirt or gravel rob you of up to 30% of your fuel mileage.
  23. Use alternate roads when safer, shorter, straighter.
  24. Place gear into neutral position when waiting at traffic light
  25. Park car so that you can later begin to travel in forward gear
  26. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional misalignment.
  27. Set air conditioners to auto if available
  28. Car pools reduce travel monotony and fuel expense
  29. Do whatever possible online, by phone etc such as banking, document delivery, shopping etc
  30. when filling up, don’t squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to the fastest mode
  31. Fill up when your tank is half full
  32. Sometime it is worth to pay the toll
  33. Look further to anticipate obstacle - don’t tailgate
  34. Park at shaded car park - save your air-con
  35. No unnecessary external accessories
  36. Monitor your odometer or tripmeter
  37. Use K-link fuel saver? If it really works, you don’t have to advertise it in this desperate situation.
  38. Plan ahead by combining your errands into one trip
  39. Plan your trips so you go out during less-congested times of day.
  40. Work from home
  41. Take public transportation (I am just kidding)
  42. Cycling to work - it might be better than taking the public transportation
  43. Use NGV - read this real experience by Fathersez
  44. When going downhill, ease your throttle down and work with gravity to build up speed.
  45. Move nearer to your work place
  46. Use cruise control only on flat road
  47. When there is a timer on traffic light showing “99″ seconds and stays still, off your engine.
  48. Scrap your car if all the above fail.
  49. Buy BMW (men lap iu) or Mercedes (men siu lee) - This is a joke if you know Hokkien.
Hope it helps.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Typed Kelisa on Google & came pass this

Pada suatu malam yang hening dan sunyi di lebuhraya utara selatan (PLUS highway) kelihatan sebuah Kelisa putih tersadai di sebelah lane kerosakan. Ada orang tua yang berdiri disebelahnya, pemilik Kelisa tu sedang berjalan kehulu kehilir cuba menahan kereta supaya membantu tetapi tidak ada sebuah kereta pun berhenti. Tiba- tiba datang lah sebuah kereta Mitsubishi Evo 7 berhenti di sebelah Kelisa tadi.

“Ada apa nie pakcik,kereta rosak ke?”tanya mamat Evo 7 berusia dalam lingkungan 20an.

“A’ha rosak “jawab pakcik tu simple je….

“Ok, cam nie, saya ada tali nanti saya ikat kat kereta saya dan saya tarik kereta pakcik sampai tol”mamat nie bagi idea.

“canteek gak tu…” tapi….nanti kalau pakcik rasa awak bawak laju pakcik akan hon dan bagi high beam”

“Woraaitt pakcik”..mamat nie pun ikatlah tali kat depan Kelisa putih didepan dan hujungnya diikat dibelakang bumper Evo 7nye. dia pun jalanla..dengan slow dan berhati-hati. Dalam lima kilometer mamat nie laju le sikit, maklumlah Evo 7 brother….apalagi pakcik tu pun hon dan bagi high beam la kat mamat tu. Mamat tu pun slowkan balik..

Tiba-tiba ada sebuah Porsche 911 datang dari belakang dan press minyak kat mamat Evo7, apa lagi bro….jiwa muda pantang dicabar,
dia pun tekan la minyak rapat nak kejar Porsche 911 nie…lupa la pulak dia dengan Kelisa putih org tua yg diikat kat belakang kereta dia.

Orang tua tu punya la hangin satu badan,dia pun hon dan bagi hi beam bagai nak rak. Mamat evo7 tu dah tak sedar dah….angin punya pasal.
Tak sampai 2 kilometer di depan ada mamat Polis bertenggek buat speed trap kat bawah jambatan.

Vrooommm…. bedesup peginye.

“Ini dah lebih speed limit nie”kate mamat Polis nie.

“Mak ai !! ini dah cecah 250kmj” Dia pun contact la kengkawan dia kat depan supaya saman kereta-kereta yg laju nie…

“Over..over.. over”kate mamat Polis tadi pada kawannya didepan.

“Ada tiga buah kenderaan memandu melebihi had laju,sebuah Porsche 911, Mitsubishi Evo7 dan sebuah lagi kalau aku cakap korang mesti tak
percaye punye” kate mamat Polis.

“Kereta ape yang satu lagi Bro” kate member Polis yg ada di depan.


“Kelisa putih beb….tengah cucuk angin ngan Evo7 tu….siap bagi hon dan hi beam nak potong !!! pergh…

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Little Nyonya...

I have been watching this series weeks ago... I simply love it... Well, my grandma is a nyonya who lived in an authenthic nyonya house before and last heard, the government is intending to buy up my great-grand aunt's house to convert it into a museum. Anyway, our church has been presenting dramas based on the Baba & Nyonya culture for years. Hence, this culture is no stranger to many of us. My grandma gave me a few of her hand-sewn kebayas... I did not appreciate it then but now, people are willing to buy it with a very good price... Coming back about the show, it is definitely worth watching.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

It is so different now!

Today, we went to collect her ashes after the cremation. All is left of her is now just plain memories. Even her skull has been fragmented into pieces and now, her physical body is merely like dust in the urn. Sunday was her funeral, I thought I would not cry but when we walked past the bank and the coffee shop we used to go, I cried. When we passed the lane we used to take to the coffee shop, I can't help but recall the time I used to shade her with the umbrella and joke with her. Those days before the funeral, I buried myself with the works that needed to be done. I ran round with dear making sure all of the aunts have food to eat, I managed the cash box and fetching Ken or other people to places. To me, she is still there though her voice is no longer audible. When I want to see her, I will call for my dear to go with me and look into the coffin. She still looks the same like those times she was sleeping, but minus the snoring. After that Sunday, that was it. No more Yee Yee around.

Yesterday, we went back to her house. The moment I stepped into the house, I no longer see her lying on her chair. No more greetings or questions like have we eaten? or where have we been?. When we ate our dinner, no one comes into the dining room asking us what are we eating or anyone that will eat with us. The home has the touch. She was the matriach that will ensure that we have dinner when we are there. Now since she is no longer there, no more home-cooked food as the old folks need the much required rest. Besides that, we all have to save $$$ to make sure that the big house is well kept and maintained. Before she left, she said that to maintain the family is hard what more the home. No one understood that until today.

She is definitely a tough woman. When she was in pain, nothing was uttered til the darker days drew by. She did not work but she managed to sustain the home til today. Well, I really miss her.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Honey's New Baby...

These days I am so busy with the funeral...Can't believe that she is really gone...
My dear got himself a new DSLR... Well I will let him update on his baby himself...


Thursday, 26 February 2009


After months long of battle with last stage of colon cancer, she finally drew her last breathe on 25/02/2009 @ 12.35 pm. As I stood there and see her 'dosing off', tears just rolled down my cheeks. Despite the chantings that were going on, my dear never failed to continue to pray in tongues. When we were called to her bed side to hold her hand, no words could be formed as I try to hold back my tears. Her best friend continuely persuaded us to tell her that she is going to see Buddha and all is going to be well but in my heart, I was screaming at the obnoxious lady, "Hey! I do not want her to go to hell!". Like usual, my dear kept his composure, he told her, "You don't worry about us, we are going to be fine. And we are here to be with you." Nothing was utter by her, but she was clinging on to her life. When the clock strucked 12.25 pm, the nurse could not feel her pulse anymore. The machine that was used to check her pulse has also stop responding. The chantings grew louder while me,dear and Aunty Molly, stood aside; tears were rolling down uncontrolably. Yee Yee is gone. No more good meals with her, no more her welcoming me or dear back when we go over to her house, no more her calling me by my chinese name...

As I rewind back to the recent weeks, many events have taken place. Firstly, it is the persecution she faced that she has to keep her good news of being a Christian to herself. The day the family fought, I was told about the event and I rushed to the hospital with dear. I held her hand and told her, "Yee Yee, you don't worry. I love and treat you like my own family. They will be fine. Don't aggravate your sickness. After you are discharged from the hospital, we shall go for your favourite meal." She replied in cantonese, "Good. They do not what is going on but I have accepted Christ. (however, the part of her salvation, she said it really softly, practically inaudible). Huey Shuen, you are very good and the only one here now that understands me. Yee Yee loves you very much." At that moment, she was still very conscious and alert. However, me and dear did not dare to say much about her salvation as we do not want to worsen the fight.

Saturday(21/02/2009) came by, after my class, I had this urge that me and dear have to go to the hospital. After much persuasion, dear gave in and we made our way there. As usual, I was pulled aside to listen to the family squabbles. That night, there was a sudden thunderstorm and dear came out of her room to call us back as Yee Yee has woke up. When I saw her, she was complaining about the dreadful pain. The pain was not eliminated by a previous dosage of pain killer. For the first time, she requested for more and a larger dosage of painkiller. We were relunctant to give her an extra dosage, but she held my hand and said, "NO. I need it now. Give it to me!" After discussion, I told the family that we should respect her wishes. Despite the pain, she was able to nag us for not listening to her. And we even teased her back admitted that all of us are being naughty. The nurse came and gave her the injection. Minutes later, she lost conscious and her eyes were rolling upwards. We yelled at her but there was no reply. She was later given oxygen. She specifically called for me to go to her bedside. I can see in her eyes that she wanted to speak but she has no strength to do it. I held on to her and said that once she is fine, we will go for abalone and shark fin soup. She laughed. And I told her, " Yee Yee, you must live a long life to see Joseph & me get married and have kids." She smiled and there was a glow on her face. Soon, the medicine kicked in and she slowly fell asleep.

That night, I was aware that death is coming to get her. But selfishly, I did not want her to leave though I know she will going to a place fear from pain and suffering. Since that night, she has nightmares regarding dead people and was sleepless. Slowly, she grew weaker in matter of days but when she sees me, she will always ask whether I am cold or have I eaten or "eh!You finished work d?". Her usual question would be "Huey Shuen, what time is it?" And then, she would tell me what she wants whether it be that she wants to sleep, drink or take her medicine.

Tuesday, I went to be with her in the afternoon while the rest of the family prepare the house for the funeral. She barely talked and her body was really bloated. As usual, she will call me and tell me what she needs. When I left, she has slept. That was the last moment I had alone with her. In the evening, I called Aunty Molly and she assured me that Yee Yee admitted she accepted Christ. That was a sign of relief.

Yesterday morning, I received a call at 10.30 am saying that she is not doing fine and the doctors have stamped the expiry date on her. I prayed and began to clear my work so that I could make my way there. At 11.30 am, another call came and said she is very critical, please come ASAP.

After she passed away, I was left in her house with the maids and those people who were setting up the tents. As the memories of her began to flood my mind, I cried. I can see her in her favourite chair always sleeping but she would be alert when I come back with ot without dear. The times I used to go out for lunch with her. The CNY reunions and the recent one we spent with her. Those nights including New Year's Eve that me and dear slept in the hospital with her.

When I am writing this post, tears are welling up. I shall write no more. One thing for sure, I am going to miss her.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Was just thinking some old movies and this pass my mind. One of my most enjoyed movies when i was young. If you can find the download, worth your time.


MPH book voucher

Dear received her book voucher from MPH book store not long ago. I'm not a big fans on books but Dear is. The voucher was like RM100++. ( O.O ). So yesterday we went to scout for a couple of law reference books. But it was too expensive. So we decided that each of us pick something to fill up the voucher. Dear got books to read. As for me, what book is there for me to read le !?. Went to see magazines. Well, most of it not interesting at all and too much *female* content on computer & car magazines!. Although there are some that i wanted to buy, but how?. Almost NUDE women staring at you. Walaoeh. Really piang ah. But I did get a few. Like 4 magazines without *nude* women wan. If we were to use cash, you'll see the kiam siap side of us. But with the voucher, super boros. See what, take what.

Go purchase books from MPH. As time to time, you'll get book vouchers from them according to their terms and conditions of course.


Monday, 23 February 2009

Lil makan with Joel boy

Sometimes during each month, we will take this little fat boy out for a makan. Could be anything, but Dear & Me prefer *Jiew Char*. There is nothing special about *JChar* but we love it. We'll normally order tau fu (mainly japanese ones), sweet & sour fish, egg with prawns & a hot tasty soupy. BTW, Joel can eat a horse load of food down his stomach. Almost everyday, he'll be asking for supper!!!. Really tau pui tu. And his inspiration, wanna be like KO KO Joseph Lau. *Oh my* ?!.


Reaction test

Browsed Ben Tan's blog. came pass this little *torture the lamb* test. So far this is my best. of maybe 50 times, only a handful *NOT* sluggish snail. Hehex... Pop by Ben's blog and check it out. BTW, I *tut* always i missed a sheep.


Our favorite burgerrrrrr stall.

Dear and me has actually found our favorite burger stall of all time. It's situated opposite of Prima Tanjung at the side of the road. Nothing special to make it taste that good but we just enjoy it. Not advisable to eat it daily, but once in a blue moon, i'll take my bear bear for a treat.


Streamyx sucks.

Most of us, or if not all of us uses Streamyx internet service. But, as i've realised, the speed is getting slower day by day which makes things hard especially us that regularly download files from the internet. Here is a picture of how slow it is over at my housing area. My dad has launched complaints upon complaints but nothing has been done. Really eat shit (o.O)... Moreover, I'm paying monthly for 1MB. On average, i get less than 1kbps for each download using a download accelerator. Walaoeh...

Whoeve is reading this, if there is a suggestion in speeding the internet speed, or just plain kicking Telekom, let me know.

Test your internet speed at ( ).


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


It has been a long time since I have blog and many things have happened. My finals will be only 2++ months away and college has announced their grueling long hours of revision schedule. Due to the revision, I won't be able to attend IGNITE, Bible Study and sometimes even Sunday Service! And the worse part is the lecturer even made this statement, "choose to have a life or have part 1 next year. Make your choice now!". It is without doubt that ATC has been a great college, the lecturers will never fail to torture us with extra classes whether it to be in the evenings or Sundays, I do not see any light in their lives. Their world evolves around lectures, students and reading up of recent developments in law... they do not seem to have a family life also because some are divorced; single and the married lecturer carries this troubled look on her face when you see her up closed. I do not want to end up like them. They have the career, the knowledge, the wealth but their lives are empty, without God.

Law exams are far different from the past whereby more is required of you. The number of cases you have to read and grasp at the back of your palm, it is just HORRIBLE! In the nights when I am alone and my mind starts to wonder, I will questioned myself on why I am seeking such unnecessary torture? It is not like I can't quit this, I can always help my dad run his business since I know most of the things in the office. The silly me even wished that money would just fall from the sky. Life is just not so simple like I used to think. When I see Joel worrying about his homework or him running about watching his cartoons with not much worries, I dream to be him. So careless, so happy and life is still so far ahead of him whereby everything he needs are laid out for him.

After saying all that, every cloud does have a silver lining. At the end of my classes, I will always see my dear waiting for me downstairs in the car. He will never fail in listening to my grunts and complaints. In classes, he will drop me text messages telling me to hang on and no matter whats he supports and loves me. He is also the one that chauffeurs me to and fro unfailingly. Besides that, he will make sure that I am well fed before I go for my classes. When there are breaks of 30 minutes, he will be at the mamak stall waiting for me. During my lunch breaks, he will faithfully take me out for lunch or a joyride Lastly, he even promised me that I can get my dream bag from KL when we attend his cousin's wedding. With the condition that I save and do my best for my exams.
He is indeed my silver lining, my companion, my comfort and pillar. He is the one that showers me with prayers, love, care and all that I need. Well, he is not able to replace God but yet, he is my earthly angel.

So, Dear, thank you for everything & I love you!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Closing to Valentines Day '09. Some digital flowers for my lovely Darling. Love ya!!!
Photos taken myself of course.