Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Help needed !!!

I'm currently in the mist of searching for a 2nd hard car. Budget below RM26k. The car have to fulfill the list below :

1. Able to travel outstation without a problem (With regular servicing done of course)
2. 5 seater (Including driver)
3. Fuel economical (Obviously)
4. Acceptable boot space
5. Low in maintenance
6. Auto

What i have in my list are Kia Spectra, Toyota Corolla SEG, Honda Civic EG, Proton Waja, Proton Wira, Proton Iswara & Perodua Kelisa. Well, which are mostly the only cars you can buy with that budget. You may be thinking, why not ask my parents to get a NEW car for me. I have my reasons and the main, to depend on myself.

Kindly note down your opinions in my *comment*. Really appreciate it if you could help out.

Have a nice day!


1 comment:

Joseph&Esther said...


Just pray n think deeply about it...
the more u come up with a new type of car...den my own 'list' will go on also...n u will have a great time in KL later!*hehex*...
just know that I will support u no more matter wat yea!