Thursday, 4 June 2009

My New Companion

My lovely gift from my Dearest Darling. It's a Casio MDV-700D. Semi analog & digital time casting. How did this little timepiece came into picture. Well, for long long long time d, always say I wanted a Casio watch. Everytime pass shop, say nice la, bla bla bla. But say go buy, no need la. Another time la. Another time till 3 years d. Today went to Salvation to get some audio cd(s) to fill in our collection. After that, I wanted to drop by at the auto accessories shop. Dear went to artist gallery while me search for things. After I'm done which took awhile, went next door, Dear not there. Call HP no one answers. Thought she went to the accessories shop lo. No one. Then walk further, saw Dear in the watch shop. Straight me scream "...". Without my knowing, Dear bought the watch. She had to if not, I'll never buy if I'm there beside her. Lolx. Anywayzzz, THANKS SWEETHEART!. It's beautiful. Really appreciate it...

*Pictures taken by self*

Love the back ground solid black,dials (without sec jarum),digital clock,build material solid,10year battery life, & the list goes on.