Friday, 17 July 2009

5 months to go!

We have been together for more than 3 1/2 years and 15/12/2009 will mark our 4th year as a couple. Well, we have shared many joyful, sweet, loving moments as well as sad, angry and terrible moments. He is neither a perfect guy or a drop-dead romantic prince charming. But I still love him. Through these years, he has improved a lot. For instance. no more burping in public, less swearing, locks the car door before begin his journey (he even locked me out last night!), eats less meat and more green, no more tantrums (secret: I will give in first and punish him later when he cools down :p), and he even got more romantic! Recently, we went to Gurney Drive with his aunts for breeze walk, there was this girl selling roses, he bought 1 for me. I told him not to because it was expensive. At least, he improved. He got more vain too! He doesn't go to Mamak barber anymore because the hair cut is terrible (now, he request for an appointment with the hair stylist); he wears shoes to work, he loves his Raoul top, only wears Camel Active long pants and shorts (except his blue jeans), uses a Guess wallet (not some gift walet when he was a kid), most of all, he will bathe without me nagging him to! (I heard complaints from his cousins, when he is back in Ipoh, he never bathes. Now, they even teased him for bathing more times than anyone else there!) He used to be very mad when church members commented on us(those are long and forgetten chapters, no point bringing them up). Now, he will just ignore and prove to them that they are wrong!

When we started off, many people gossiped, complaint and some even said we don't deserve each other. We fought due to the pressure of being a so 'high profile' couple in church. I hated the attention and I cried, whereas he reacts. As time goes by, we learned to compromise, tolerate and accept each others flaws. Besides that, we also learned how to forgive others who have hurt us. Although the words they spoke against us were hurtful but yet, we have to move on. Those times when we fought, tantrums and words flew and the fights lasted for hours. Now, we still get angry a each other but in less than few minutes, we will end up laughing at our silliness.

I look forward to more years with him. Enough said.