Friday, 29 February 2008

Use use comp together. Random

Walaoeh !. Buying friends or GF's ah

1st contestant. Mel Teoh 2 Mich Tan. Fulamak!. Mahalnya
2nd contestant le. Kon Way 2 Kwan Ann. Walao. Accept him la...


Thursday, 28 February 2008

I did it!XD

at last, i passed my driving....honestly i never like driving....i dreaded the lessons, the talks, the tests and the grueling honey is always supportive but at times very cheong hei...'when you wanna practice ar?;let me teach you how to release the clutch when you are on the slope....yadda...' for my dad leh...lebih teruk....why you keep on delaying your should get in over and done i went for the test...very honey picked me up and told me to breathe and everything s gonna be ok....then he prayed for me....reach there,he even stood in the rain while waiting for my name to be called....not onli that, he also went the car to get umbrella to shade me....after my name was called, i was so scared and started to let go my frustration on him...surprisingly, he never scold me but kept on telling me that i will pass, Holy Spirit with u....i waited very long in the car for the tester to get into her station....i was praying hard since it was raining quite badly.....the rest is history...i passed a perfect pass...never cross the line...engine was on all the time...never slided down the slope....seriously thank God and not forgetting my dear....he stood there under the rain until i completed and collected my slip....seriously without his love and support i wont know what i ll do.....however, all glory and praise belongs to God...lastly, i can legally drive now!yay!;)


Sunday, 24 February 2008

Counter strike - By gila German kid (Jz watch)...

Kai kai...

Hehex. Hihi. Sorry ah. Soooooooooooo long didn't blog alredi. Let ppl say we "PPK" some more. You know who you are. Well,what happened the latest?. Yup. 4 quater grown teens went for trip and makan. Was last week WED. Went to AutoCity. WOW. Big liow d le k. I so big boy never go so far without parents wan ah. Dun play. Well, set off from 6 I think. Ppl that went?.

1.Jim (Kannasai punya driver. Drive like gila babi - at times)
2.Denise (Smile like anything ah)
3.Esther (My lovely darling la)
4.Joe (a.k.a Fatty boom boom)

Suprisingly, bridge good condition. Reach the other side in no time. And safely thank GOD. Got a parking space. got down and start walking. Like little deers entering the city. So decided to have dinner at Roxbury food house. Walaoeh. Damn long ah the food.

But overall, not really "lecomended" to eat there lo. Took a stroll cause quite full then stop at Starbutts. Each of us got ourselves a drink. And Jim's drink is disguating. Literally "Eww". Green wan. Sat there like more than an hour. Took pictures n stuff. Great chat. I try get some pics. Hehex...

So now almost 11p.m. Mz head back home. Now fatty Joe turn to drive. Pleasant drive back. no traffic n no police. Good news. Looking forward to the next outing...


Thursday, 14 February 2008


it has been a long time since I've blogged....many things have happened and today is Valentine's day.....I went to Ipoh and came back....had fun there la except the part where aunty Molly stayed up til me and joe like really sleep....kinda silly but if i was a mom, i think i would do that too....;)1st day of new year, we went to Sungai Petani and Yan....everything was fine except my cousins and uncle at SP whom are totally rude,inconsiderate as well as brainless...since I am a Christian and they are not, I don't want to create a scene....2nd day of new year,we went to Ipoh....reached there, ate and met an aunty who was rude too...aunty Molly even took us out to Jusco to avoid her....Ipoh had a bad and honey walked home from Jusco...quite fun but night, we went for BBQ at Joe's aunt's brother's place....super cool....the house was filled with orchids and it was so beutiful....i ate so many prawns there that I and dear had a great time...but the old people bullied us by stealing our food so we had to stand by the fire for a very long time....3rd day of new year...still at Ipoh and Geraldine took me and dear to Ipoh Parade whereas Ken and David went to CC....go Ipoh also they had to play DOTA...nothing better to do....after that, we went back and i took a nap....suddenly got a call and it was Man Yoke...she invited me to her bday party....but sad la....i coulnt make it....for dinner, joe's aunt forced to eat like anything and even got threaten that i cant leave the table unless i eat more....but thanks to dear, he ate my share for me...hehex...both nights we had movie was totally fun....on the 4th day of new year which was also the last day we were at Ipoh, dear and the rest went for dim sum at 6 am whereas i slept honey so kind...he took back so many types of dim sum for me....all in all, my cny was fun....but stil got like a week more of new year...hopefully i ll get more ang pau....thats all for now...XOXO

* a certain fren who PPK us bout the wednesday plan, u r E.V.I.L!...this msg s for a male and it s from Joseph


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Long time no Blogging d...

Hi ppl. It's Joseph. Hahaz. Yea yea. Just wanna thanks Dear for all the support. Well, as you know, notebook got stolen. Haikzz. But in everything, to Godbe the GLORY. Amen. Other things that was stolen are an Olympus camera,my CIMB n Hong Leong bank book(gives no shit,hehe),my BIBLE of course(most precious cause from Dear wan),spoilt N72,my dirty underware(God Bless the bad guy),my "san lui",80GB with a 11.6GB hard disk,2 thumb drives,wires,Fila toiletries punya beg n stuff. I think. Hehes...

But thank God that He protected us from harms way...