Thursday, 14 February 2008


it has been a long time since I've blogged....many things have happened and today is Valentine's day.....I went to Ipoh and came back....had fun there la except the part where aunty Molly stayed up til me and joe like really sleep....kinda silly but if i was a mom, i think i would do that too....;)1st day of new year, we went to Sungai Petani and Yan....everything was fine except my cousins and uncle at SP whom are totally rude,inconsiderate as well as brainless...since I am a Christian and they are not, I don't want to create a scene....2nd day of new year,we went to Ipoh....reached there, ate and met an aunty who was rude too...aunty Molly even took us out to Jusco to avoid her....Ipoh had a bad and honey walked home from Jusco...quite fun but night, we went for BBQ at Joe's aunt's brother's place....super cool....the house was filled with orchids and it was so beutiful....i ate so many prawns there that I and dear had a great time...but the old people bullied us by stealing our food so we had to stand by the fire for a very long time....3rd day of new year...still at Ipoh and Geraldine took me and dear to Ipoh Parade whereas Ken and David went to CC....go Ipoh also they had to play DOTA...nothing better to do....after that, we went back and i took a nap....suddenly got a call and it was Man Yoke...she invited me to her bday party....but sad la....i coulnt make it....for dinner, joe's aunt forced to eat like anything and even got threaten that i cant leave the table unless i eat more....but thanks to dear, he ate my share for me...hehex...both nights we had movie was totally fun....on the 4th day of new year which was also the last day we were at Ipoh, dear and the rest went for dim sum at 6 am whereas i slept honey so kind...he took back so many types of dim sum for me....all in all, my cny was fun....but stil got like a week more of new year...hopefully i ll get more ang pau....thats all for now...XOXO

* a certain fren who PPK us bout the wednesday plan, u r E.V.I.L!...this msg s for a male and it s from Joseph


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