Monday, 27 April 2009

May Highlights!

May is going to be an eventful month for me and dear.
First day of the month is a public holiday. Hence, we will be getting our much needed rest from all the stress we have. On that day, I will have to submit my VLE essay...but thank God, I have finished it months ago...XD

EXAMS!The next on my May list...dreading it but looking forward to get it over and done with...I have been studying my butt off for seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months!...all the cases, legislation, theories, principle etc...I do not just need to understand it but I have to MEMORIZE all of them...
Really need divine favor!

Paul's wedding! In the midst of my exams, I will be flying down to KL to attend Paul Lau's wedding!...though I won;'t be having much time for shopping but I always love weddings..They are just so pretty...And finally seeing Paul walking down the aisle...Is just so amazing!..

Adding to my KL trip, I will getting my FIRST baby!... not going to say much about it now... But thinking of my baby makes me feel so ecstatic! I feel like jumping all over and scream... I am sounding like a mad woman... Honestly, I am going mad! I dream about Public Law, Criminal Law, Common Law and Contract Law....Sometimes I see stars all around...currently, I can admit myself in an asylum... On the other note, I am insanely confessing that I can do it(pass or get a 60++)... If I ever get the scholarship to London, I will be crazily shopping!...*dear will and is going to faint!*
Coming back to my baby, I will blog about it when I have it in my hands...hehehehe...

May also marks the month of freedom!..madamoiselle will free! more exams... Can send all memories about exams into the recycle bin...recycle my books...Oooo...I will hopping around once its OVER!...

Next, I can go to church as usual again!....Since the exam fever, classes schedule has gone hay-wire...everyday STUDY STUDY STUDY!...why did I choose law?....I ended up being a NERD!...even Joel also say I am nerd...How wonderful!

For now, I need to STUDY STUDY STUDY and be a nerd...I want to pass and move on!...Screw negative thoughts and arrogant examiners! You are not going to stop me from doing well!...only God can determine my future... so KEEP AWAY!

*p.s. I am officially insane!...I think McNaughten's Rule will 100% fit me...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kwang Hwa (C)

S.J.K. (C) KWANG HWA. According to educational standards, this is a good school. Parents are keen on sending their kids to this particular school due to high scoring statistics over the years. My Dear, Joseph Ban & now lil fatty boy (Joel Ban) are all from KHwa. Simple, they are all smart. But coming to Joel, hmm. Think twice lo. At home everyday watch tv only. Gila mia advertisements like never see or hear before also he knows. Smart but lazy boy. And knows how to eat! Yea, I meant eat. Like me Joseph Lau. Well, I'm proud to say that i'm his inspiration. Why?. Cause i'm big size (round) and cute. Therefore must eat eat eat to be like me. Hehex...


Ferrari 599 GTB

A while back, drove home as usual. But this day very special. From Masjid Negeri, I was at the back of this Ferrari 599 GTB. Marvelous sight! And was thinking like, how in the world did this person afford a car which cost either like a luxurious house or more. Bless him anyway. Moreover, look at the car plate. "EJ5". What is my explanation to this plate?. "Esther & Joseph will have 5 of this Ferrari"!. Yay!!!...


Friday, 10 April 2009

Marvelous driver. Salute!

Was looking up on forums at Came pass this spot. Your father hero ah if was him. Forum was under Police Rules Tips & Summons.

My dad's friend got his license suspended for life for reckless driving... he intentionally crashed a bimmer off the road, resulting the bimmer crashing into the drain and turned turtle.

reason? coz 'kiasu' ... the bimmer sorta bully him, not allowing to overtake, and at times let him overtake, but overtake him back again, and drive slowly... (no offense.. the bimmer driver is indian)... so my dad's friend got furious (contractor mahh) ... overtook him, and crashed him fr the side... ala hollywood style..

straight the bimmer crashed into longkang and flip. He still went down.. scolded the driver and told him to make police report.. he dont care.

whoa.. crazy mann.

By zephyr3d.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Help needed !!!

I'm currently in the mist of searching for a 2nd hard car. Budget below RM26k. The car have to fulfill the list below :

1. Able to travel outstation without a problem (With regular servicing done of course)
2. 5 seater (Including driver)
3. Fuel economical (Obviously)
4. Acceptable boot space
5. Low in maintenance
6. Auto

What i have in my list are Kia Spectra, Toyota Corolla SEG, Honda Civic EG, Proton Waja, Proton Wira, Proton Iswara & Perodua Kelisa. Well, which are mostly the only cars you can buy with that budget. You may be thinking, why not ask my parents to get a NEW car for me. I have my reasons and the main, to depend on myself.

Kindly note down your opinions in my *comment*. Really appreciate it if you could help out.

Have a nice day!