Friday, 10 April 2009

Marvelous driver. Salute!

Was looking up on forums at Came pass this spot. Your father hero ah if was him. Forum was under Police Rules Tips & Summons.

My dad's friend got his license suspended for life for reckless driving... he intentionally crashed a bimmer off the road, resulting the bimmer crashing into the drain and turned turtle.

reason? coz 'kiasu' ... the bimmer sorta bully him, not allowing to overtake, and at times let him overtake, but overtake him back again, and drive slowly... (no offense.. the bimmer driver is indian)... so my dad's friend got furious (contractor mahh) ... overtook him, and crashed him fr the side... ala hollywood style..

straight the bimmer crashed into longkang and flip. He still went down.. scolded the driver and told him to make police report.. he dont care.

whoa.. crazy mann.

By zephyr3d.


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