Friday, 28 August 2009


I have a list of people to thank... Before I start, I made it! I passed my LLB Inter-Exams which I sat for in May 2009. This year is going to be a hard year, but I am going to trust God. Currently, I still need wisdom on what subjects to apply for as my optional paper. My choices are Family Law, Law of Evidence, Law of Succession, Company Law or Commercial Law. I have to see Ms Linda on this also. Having a big dilemma. I like all of them but for this year, I can only pick 1. Hence, still going around for advice and praying hard.

First on my list to thank will be GOD! He has been ever faithful. In the midst of my revision classes which clashed with Sunday Services, I decided to stop attending it and put God first. I stopped going and did my own revision. Well, the proud thing to say is that those subjects that I did not attend the classes, I scored better marks for it. But overall, I PASSED! What I would imply here is that GOD COMES FIRST. And things will fall into place by His timing and His grace. Not only that, God has gave me many angels in my life which have been great blessings to me.

1st angel, my DEAR - JOSEPH LAU BEK YEONG. He was the one who was there when Mr. Sanjay was laying out all the details for my course. He also was the one who followed me to sign up and pay for my 1st year as a student of ATC and an external student of University of London. Not just that, he sent me for classes every Tues & Fri & Saturdays. In between classes, he take me out for lunch or tea and even the meal after my classes. When I have extra classes at night, he will make sure that he is there before my classes end. He is an angel. Dear even sent me for my exams. He followed me up to the door of my exam hall. Before I entered, he will say a prayer and give me a kiss. After my papers, he will be faithfully waiting for me downstairs and will give me a hug. There are too many things to thank him. Till now, I have been saying 'thank you' to him non stop.

2nd - DADDY! He did not just pay for my fees, he was praying for me unceasingly. I can say that I did make him proud despite all. He was beaming when he saw me after he received a call from Dear saying that I PASSED! He just permitted me to build a mini library in the office. So yippee! I always wanted a library like the one in Beauty & the Beast. Well, I guess I shall start small. Dad also taught me the hardship of life. I have to work and study. So the principle - time management has been instilled. Besides that, I have to pay for my own extra reference books. This has taught me the value of $$$.

3rd - Mom. Even though me and her don't get along much. I have to thank her. Reason being : she is always telling me the consequences of me failing and the $$$$ involved. Without her, I would probably be slacking.

4th - Joel. He has been telling me that I will pass. The cute thing when we were trying to retrieve my results online, he told me that even if you fail, its OK. Silly fella. After every paper, he will call and ask me how is the paper. So thank you JOEL!!!

5th - Lecturers at ATC - Ms. Linda, Ms Vaani, Ms Queenie, Mr Sanjay, Ms Shizreen and Mr Mark. All the lectures and classes have been a great help. Especially Ms. Linda's endless encouragements, Ms Vaani's determination of making all of us pass her paper and Ms. Queenie's method of conducting her Crime lectures. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

6th - People who kept me in prayers. Thank you!

7th - Sis San Nee. She was the person I spoke to in 2007 before I decided to study Law. Without her, I probably would not have chose Law as my future career.

For those I have missed out, I am also very grateful for the assistance provided in anyway.

To a good friend of mine, you have been a great friend in college since A-Levels. I wish you well sincerely & and believe that you can do it! (you know who you are, I hope)
Do keep in touch!