Monday, 8 March 2010

Chloe - 7 months old...

On 09/10/2009, we brought a pup home. After much persuasion, Dear allowed me to own a cute little poodle. Behind the glass, there were 3 puppies. One was huge and always pushed her siblings around; another dark-coloured and shy pup and lastly, there was this brave looking pup. After much considerations, we decided to bring the brave tiny fella home. We started to stock up on food and all other accessories for her. At that time, she could barely walk properly and was so shy.
Months passed and now, she is going to turn 7 months! She brought us so much joy and at times, she drives us nuts. The things that she does are so unexpected that sometimes instead of getting mad at her, we could laugh for minutes. The memories we have as a family will last for a lifetime.

Chloe, I know you don't read but Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

(P) = Polis

Ever thought of what we feared most on the roads?

2.Road bullies?
4.Snails?. Hmmm

Well, guess again. Here are our new contestants. Mitsubishi Evo 10(s). These dudes could and will take down your lil S.L.K(s) ppl. So, better put a couple more turbo(s) alright just in case you run the red light and unluckily being chased down but 1 of these.

*BTW, there we about 5-6 in one straight line. Aren't they expensive? Think about it.


(A) = Accidents

Fresh & totally new Starex eaten. " Crap !?@#$ " said the orang yang langgar. Btw, Starex was "PJM XXXX". Feel the pain.

M.Cyclist owned by a Rexton. Results = 4wheel (1) vs 2wheel (0)

(H) = Hand


(M) = Myvi

S : Shutter P.


(C) = Chloe


(D) = Dearest


(R) = Random


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010


Original recipe or extra-crispy?



Ate here b4?. How was it? Opinions? Wanna hear mine? Ask me in person. If i free of speech here, sure kena legal letter.