Monday, 15 December 2008

3rd Anniversary!

The title speaks for itself. Today, Joe and I will be celebrating of our very proud THIRD anniversary. Throughout this period of time, we both have gone through so much, both sweet and bitter. We laughed, we cuddled, we fought, we played, we shopped, we practically did all what couples do(except ...). I still remember those days when people judged us and said that we both are too young to be together as well as our relationship will not last. Well despite the 'violent' arguments we have, we still managed to stick together. I am a person that do not speak much to others, I know it is a bad thing but I just like the sense of privacy. Joe always commented on my 'anti-social-ness', he calls it a sober lawyer/judge characteristic. Since I have him, I can share anything and everything from the gruesome cases I study to the most silliest thing on earth, my complaints, my joy, laughter...etc.It is a obvious fact that both of us are not perfect and there is still so much to learn i.e. tolerance and all. Hence, it is impossible to do it all with God's help.

Well, I just want to tell my big teddy,'I LOVE YOU! And Blessed Anniversary!'