Wednesday, 30 July 2008

really mad!

I am so mad that I am so gonna blow....
just hate all of it....the part where I get blame for all, bombarded for things that are ridiculous as well as the part where I get blame for no family time...


Thursday, 24 July 2008

E&O Buffet Dinner...

Yesterday, we and a bunch of great people went to E&O for Japanese / Chinese Buffet Dinner. Vivien picked me and dear up from Pulau Tikus and then we dropped by Jimmy's house to 'jemput' him as well as His Queen. The food was great, got so much seafood, pastries, chocolate that caused all of us to barely walked out of the hotel. Denise was in love with the oysters; Kon Way's hair seemed to get messier after each round he got up to get more F-O-O-D(I wonder why...); Amy was all over the pastries corner; down at the ice-cream and fondue corner was a long queue, the cause for it was there were these two pretty ladies which were filling up their bowls with chocolate coated fruits. These ladies were none other that Jolene and Vivien,my look alike sister.:)

We all took many pictures, I think our camera alone got nearly more than 200 pictures. Nearly the end of our meal, we bumped into Pastor Marcus and Sis San Nee. Amy was the happiest because not only she got free meal for that night but also extra cash. Me and dear went round the place taking pictures. I really love the design of it. We are considering to have a small wedding dinner there for friends, not the typical 8 course Chinese style but Western type and then my crazy honey can cho-siau all he wants. However, we will still have the traditional style of dinner because don't want to offend any relatives. Coming back to the evening we spent at E & O, our group made so much noise and since the building has echo, we nearly brought the place down with our laughter and conversations. When we took the last group pict together, one of the staff even closed the down of the high-class restaurant for we were laughing do loudly. The guys even took silly pictures in the toilet.

After that, we went to sit at the open space and chit chat. A lot of stuff were discussed and William began to talk to us about the coming of Christ as well as what we should do at times like this. Anyway, William asked me to join Vivien to help in the Boys Brigade in CLS on Wednesdays. So at least I get to play at part in expanding our Ignite Youth.

Pictures will be posted later...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I have never blogged about my daddy before, maybe I did but just probably some complaints about him. Well, we all have daddies whether it is our Father in heaven or biological dads on earth. My dad is definitely a great man though at times, he gets into my nerves. One of the most amazing thing he did for me happened when I was an infant. I can't recall what actually took place but the stories that my grandmother tells me really touch my heart. Based on my grandma's version of the event, when I was about 2 years old, she took me to visit her relative at somewhere near Heng Ee, that place was really prone to flood and half way through the visit, it began to rain cats and dogs. Soon, the water level rose and we were all stuck there; that time she did not even brought enough supply of milk for me. She began to panic and called my mom; after that, the water level went up so bad which caused us to go up to the top floor of the house. When evening came, the flood was not better. On the top floor, they noticed a man walking towards the house trying to fight the current of the water equivalent to the height up to his neck. My relatives taught that this man was insane for he was carrying a bag on his head some more. Lo and behold that insane guy was actually my dad, he was bringing milk for me.

My dad did lots of stuff for me that touched my life in every way. Although I never thank him face to face but deep inside I do appreciate it. I don't think he will ever read my blog. Anyway, I just wanna say, " I Love You, Dad!"