Tuesday, 31 July 2007

puzzling events but God holds d answer...

life is just so puzzling,bizarre....recently, the homicide of the Korean pastor just leaves u wondering if God is there....but u noe wat?...i can assure with my life that He is there.....in His word, He said that He will never leave us nor forsake us....our God is a promise-keeping God....things happened though unpredictable n confusing, God has a plan and a purpose which in His word He said that His thoughts are higher than ours and He has a plan n future for us....a future to gives us hope.....the Korean martyr who laid down his life for Christ definitely becomes a precedent of faith to all believers...yes, it is so weird that it is a fact that he is dead and his another brother in Christ who went on the same mission with him was also brutally killed by these barbarians....but God is at work.....d story of the seashore will always illustrate on how God lifts us thru the valley of the shadow of death....the talibans are blinded by the works of the enemy...just like what Jesus said on the cross regarding those who crucified and mocked him...for they dont noe wat they were doing...Saul killed so many Christians in the Bible but later he was convicted and became Paul, a anointed man of God....the enemy comes to steal,kill and destroy....we are living at the end times and satan is all out to make sure that the word of God does not go out to save souls,Christians disowning God and all sorts of destruction....God is always sovereign....His hands are upon us....when I heard about the killings, i was devastated....felt like calling d US president to drop a nuclear bomb on those idiots' heads....but after hearing what Pastor Marcus said"you mite never noe...one day, the killer mite be a pastor himself n will be spreading the gospel to his own nation..."the thought just hit me....hey!...God is definitely working at a special way that no one can comprehend....all we can do now is unite our hearts and pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ that somehow they can escape from the captives of these monsters....just have faith and pray....

~just me**Esther~

silly old man in d office....

yesterday I had to go to my dad's office to help him.....summore yesterday was supposed to be my off day cos the whole week,that is the only day I have no class.....when I juz woke up frm my la-la land, dad dropped a bomb, " Hello.I need you go to the office cos the malay gal didnt come to work again, I will pick u at 11."...Mind you that is not the first time d malay gal skipped work n I had to bail her out d.....real sweat....coming to d work here is like putting yourself in front of the battle line cos the old man here damn stupiak.....always find fault with me....that day I cant stand him I said quite loud that who gives a f*** about u to dat old bugger.....he juz shut up....anyway I am juz helping my dad out n not a permanent worker.....he always complain bout me, den when I ignore him,he will juz go complain to my dad....den I kena marah.....yesterday he complaint to my dad.....I raised my voice....he reli terrible wan....last time when I used to work here, he always talk bout his kids....say they so good....I dun care la...to me, he is juz an old apek that loves boasting....but his kids in real life are not like wat he said....they are spend riffs....drive a kelisa but petrol a month at least RM200!!!!.....hai.....i dun give a ****.....(u can fill in the blank)...seriously he s an idiot....if i got a gun n this country has no law, I would have kill him...

the malay gal is gonna get fired....i actually pity her...but i cant help her d...cos always skipped work....hopefully my dad changes his mind la....but i f the KL office has decided den nothing can be done d...i cant be bailing her out all the time....*sigh*....she is a nice person but when my dad told me that she blamed me once regarding some mistakes she made, i changed my perception about her.....pls la...i help u out summore u simply blame me....wat on earth?....but i still kesian her....i so soft-hearted but wanna be a judge next time...i aso dunno how...ish...she tiap-tiap hari ambil 'MC"....she cari pasal wan....i juz have to accept that she is gonna receive a letter frm my dad....

Sunday, 29 July 2007


dunno wat to blog about aso....i have my law and history assignments left untouched and they are due on tuesday as well as wednesday respectively.....last week practically most nights i was at the meetings for the amazing g race....the race went on smoothly though with certain mishaps....but we,committee reli sincerely apologised to all the participants.....most important is we had fun...today i went like round Penang with my honey....first we went to hunza den rushed to macalister road to usher...after service, me n dear went to Prima Tanjung to attend the optic shop i always visit's opening ceremony of a new branch....and guess wat?...i made new specs aso...den after that we dropped my mom n the monkeys at Island Plaza....me n darling tot we will just head straight to my ama's house for lunch den take her shopping....however, due to all d gurney maniacs, there was a terrible traffic....on d road, we met william n gang crossing d road....so we detoured to yee yee's place to drop joe's things...suddenly my mom called....asked me go Island....got big sales.....well...thank God i went....i bought my 1st very own coat!....the price is hehex....quite high....but my dad happily bought for me.....dear got a nike bag....by d time we finished shopping was like 3.30 d.....we practically flew to my ama's place...(i told her we stucked in jam but actually we were shopping...hahaz)...eat our lunch n took her to Sunshine Square....well.....that s my ama's favourite shopping mall......she bought all her groceries n we sent her home...she gave us ice creams as treats....hmmm.....me n honey are seriously putting on weight....now i m at home....attempting my law assignment....while my dear is at Hunza serving God....i m so exhausted after a long week....but all in all....i had so much fun.....next week my honey exam d....so no more going kai kai....so sad....

**hey dear...thanks for driving me round today n all the fun we had thus far....hehex...love ya...

Monday, 23 July 2007

Dedicted with sincereness

Blinded,misled and deluded by everything around,
Your love was mistaken for hatred,
Your heart shatters into pieces on the ground,
The care you offered was taken for granted,
But you still held on to me, saying that everything is going to be fine.
Although I pushed, rejected you aside,calling you names and even ridiculed you ,
You still held on tight and assure me that your every intention is kind.

I just want to say I am truly sorry for treating you as such,
and thank you for your love that I did not treasure with my heart.
You always stood by me and telling me that God loves me so much,
That I should turn to Him when I am lost and life seems so hard.
God is my answer when I am clueless, broken...
He is my all,my life and He will never fail me when everyone does.
At the cross He laid it all down and all my sins are taken,
All I have to do is have faith and trust.
God will hold my hand and walk through the valley with me, His daughter,
I am made with a purpose that no one can take away,
Most of all is that He loves me so much that He died for me.

You are like an angel that have been sent to me.
Without you,
My world would fall apart,
My eyes would never see how much life means,
When I am down, I would have no one reminding me that God loves me,
Prayers would not be made for yours truly from a sincere heart,
The word L-O-V-E wouldnt be what it seems,
but just a dream and fantasy.
My ears would never hear your sweet voice that assures,
Or would I ever feel the hugs filled with security,
When I am going through the raging seas,
You would never be there to remind me of the cross.
I would never sense the touch that gives me confirmity.

All I want to say is a big thank you,
And you have definitely been a great blessing to me.
I really love and appreciate you.
I hope that I could be the one in your heart,
that will do the same like what you did for me.

Dedicated to Joseph

Sunday, 22 July 2007

This is for you Dear..

All Because of You

Author: Kate Reneigh Woodruff

I awake each day with a smile
And greet it with a laugh;
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed
And my heart is filled with gladness.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I bathe in the promise of your love,
My soul belongs to you.

Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you;
My life has so much meaning now
All because of you.

Hey Dear, this is something that i searched for quite some time. Dedicated to
you from me... Love ya !!!



Noticed this advert?. Kinda cool. Posted right at the wall of the stairs of IPG...

Thats why, change to Digi and call your hubby or wiffey anytime, everytime and all the time with great rates. Btw, i'm a fan of Digi... Hehex...


Amy's leaving...

Hi everyone. Joe here. Blogging on behalf of Esther. Our full grown daughter of Pastor Marcus and Sis San Nee is leaving for US this coming Thursday. She has been a great blessing to us all. As a friend and as a big sis in Christ. A great person of character. Friendly, helping, outgoing, and etc... Much more.

Picture (1)

Picture (2)

Picture (1) and (2) was taken in YAS tonight. Jolene prayed for her and so did everyone there. Please do write down your support for her here in this blog. Going somewhere you never knew is a great big step to take. But Amy, jz remember that all your broz and sisz in Christ are here in Penang giving our best and most support and encouragementz to and for you... Take care and go with the Holy Spirit...

*Esther n Joseph*...

Drop a word of encouragement. Pass the word around so that as many people can pray for her

My dad's car...

Take a look at my dad's car. Thats all the things in the "boot"!... I took the time cleaning it in the college car park. Walao !. tell you ah, full of crap. To what i can remember, got two huge umbrellas with stand, two boxes of papers, bibles, bottles, diaries, notebooks, spare tire not in place, tools, plastic round casing, keyboard (imagine !. In your car !), spoilt mouse, metal rod, broom stick, fire extinguisher, first aid box, rubbish bags, engine lubricants, cloths, rain coats, take around small table, and etc... Terrible. Totally....

Inside of the boot. I jz screwed back the spare tire back in place with the boards to cover it...

These are all the listed things in the boot. GOsh. The guards were like, "What ini gila babi doing here?. So banyak things !!!"...

Btw, the kancil on the left is Jolene's. Well, take a good look. She parked out of the parking box. As usual. Hahaz... Amazing driver



last thursday.....college dropped a bomb that we r to move to annexe c that has no canteen,law library and more...i was like what?!!!!with Mr Siraj's help...we made a petition to demand that we stay in main campus.....den me n a bunch of students went to d staff room to hand it in to our programme manager.....as law students, we demanded for a ratio decidendi(reason for decision)....all he said was,"it is the principal's decision."....den we said,"ok.we wanna see d principal."......went to the reception....ms tan(church member) attended to us n was not very happy neither help but pure rude and eva said she is a bad testimony....apparently when joe s there she treats me very nice n polite....not so hao lian...so i went to get joe....after much relunctance by the staffs...we waited at the toilet for d principal to come out....n all she could say was logistics.....so we demanded an explanation about reducing our class time....she said oh....all under programme manager....in other words...not her job....so wats her job?....rot in d air cond room?...when we signed n agreed to study in ipg.....sweet promises were verbally made....but now?....can be said breach of contract!!!....eva was fuming with anger.....after all the arguements n wat not....eva made her grand finale....."i wont be doing my law degree in ipg!"...that was her last words before she stormed back for lit class....me n nabila were like whoa!....during lit, Kal was mad.....didnt wanna give us the exam format but expect us to find it ourselves!!!!......pure insane.....he even detained us....but me....lifted my hand n said i gtg....my dad has an appointment n s expecting me....den i made my exit while he went on n on on how we waste our class time...*sweet*.....at least i escaped....on friday, i had food poisoning n fever so skipped history n lit....haix.....well at least i didnt have to c Kal....

~by esther~

Saturday, 21 July 2007


sex....that was what we discussed about in YAS today for the senior teens....sounds like senior citizens...hahax...it wasnt wat i expected it to turn out to be since the junior teens were like so down after the whole talk...i learnt alot...sex before marriage = curse....youths this day are indulged in all sorts of things...when i was in school, i used to listen to my friends talking bout their sex life...one of them(not gonna mention names) dun even use condom or any other safe methods!...den i asked,"u r not afraid of being pregnant?"...she said juz pray my period comes....den another gal used to talk bout her watching blue movies..and another accidenly put on the wrong dvd which is porn n belong to her dad....sex is like happening everywhere....btw,the lady who works in d management s a total biatch n she sleeps with those loan sharks...recent friday paper mentioned bout 12/13 years old boys saving allowance to visit hookers....seriously,i mean do they noe wat r they heading to?all those sickening diseases....sex was creaated by God but men just misuse what that has been beautifully created by God....just like the way men had misuse the nature....y cant youth see that curse is ahead of them when they sleep around?...y do they learn bout these diseases in biology in school but stil so stubborn?...my heart reli cries out to them...i see those girls seducing guys in college sometimes...it s just so gross....in their mini skirts n all....sex s no answer to evrything....n in a relationship i cantel u,u dun need sex to bind a couple together...cos me n joe doesnt need it n we are happy that we choose not to do it...well...God is a God of forgiveness...it s nvr too late to repent...sex is sacred n confine to a marriage bed n no where else...

~by esther~

Rich college kids these days...

Wow people. Kids are getting big toys these days. Check these out. Suzuki Swift. Changed rims... These cars are from the main campus. Got also volvo, proton lots of it so does perodua, accent, ford, kia, and others...



Side. Look at those rims...

Well, seriously, i don't know what brand is this...

Satria GTi. All time Malaysian favorite. Hoping for a two door sports at your budget, get this...

Me here le, hoping and crying for a car and there they all, get whatever they want. Haikzzz... So how, mz work hard lo. No need super or fabulous car, Jz simple one also i happy n joyful d... Hehex... Amen to that...


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wanna see wat i've been learning in class???...

Well, 4 ur info, this is programming class and it sux. Jz one wrong number or alpha, you are close to DEAD!... Know anything you are looking at?. Take a closer look...

So, after all this, how is it like?. Nice?... And btw, without all these, the computer you are using now is no better than **SHIT**... hahaz... so appreciate your comps or laptops yea


Sunday, 15 July 2007


Today I finally met up with my high school friends and wow....everyone reli changed...for starters, Cath had highlights and not to forget her Prada phone...i so want it....she told us bout her life at UK as well as her flirtings...hahaz...she even acted a few 'scenes'....it was funny.....pris leh...hmmm...i see her in church but honestly....she changed too.....from a no no to skirts to a gal in short skirts....she s even a proud owner of a Apple notebook....sad that she is leaving for KL soon....she doesnt even noe the date she is leaving....typical Priscilla....as for my Barney fren aka Rach.....late as usual...waited for her for hours...mind you...so called fren....hai.....she straighten her hair...1st time i saw her after so long, i thought i saw a ghost....rach went on and on bout her loneliness...more like desperateness for a man....she can have Alan Choong if she wants.....after hours at Coffee Bean, we went to Starbucks....Rach was grumbling bout her Mondays Blues....going to school tmr....she cant stop complaining...imagine i put up with her for 5 years in school.....honestly i miss school life...all the fun and the char koay teow....after f5, all the arifians reli parted....yoong has a bf d, jacky s in kl.....all went and head for their personal goals and dreams....well,that's life...

**hey dear, thanks for accompanying, chauffeuring me around today.you even had to chat with my gal frens....you are reli a star....thanks so much...love ya!

***Hihi. Joseph here and edited by Joseph. Here is a picture taken by "ME" hehex ,during the girls out...***

ok. Letz start from left.

*** 1. My dear 2. Denise 3.Pris 4. Cath ***

Gurney Coffee Bean i think...

One more thing !. Check tiz *SHIT* out !. Walaoeh. Seen one?. Its LG Prada punya meng phai. Super chee kek. And you know how much?. In pounds, get ready for this, ***360***. Cath's btw...

Know what you are thinking. Should die for it... Hehex

Edited, Joseph...

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Check thiz crap out...

Bocor Lagi by Keris Silau - Malaysia Today
Bocor teruk kata Samy
Wiring lama kata Ramli
Bangunan tua kata Nazri
Najib said it's PWD
Semua ada alasan sendiri
But where you all spent the money?
RM90 juta untuk cantikkan lobby
So that it looks luxury
Nice d├ęcor and nice settee
But now you kena letak baldi
Bocor teruk when it rains heavily
MP yang busuk pun boleh mandi
The floor is wet and slippery
The luxury lobby now looks untidy
Inilah dia third class mentality
Luar cantik tapi dalam very shoddy
Structure work should get priority
And now whose responsibility
JKR or Parliament Committee
While you all gaduh sama sendiri
Rakyat want an answer immediately
Otherwise kita tak bagi you undi
Sebab you spent money unnecessarily
You know it is taxpayers' money
So please spend the money wisely.
Fualawei !.chun right?. one whole spot say kaliau...

Thursday, 5 July 2007


*sighhh*Some people can just be so childish and weird....can they just move on and forget bout the past?.i have a friend and well,i dunno what did that bastard said bout me that made her delete me from her contacts....tell u wat....she is a real tut-ing b***h herself.....i was actually expecting it already...sometimes girls are just too sensitive...like the gal that Nabila was telling me about....that silly gal is stil bad mouthing her when Nabila is like out of the school for months....like what i always say...."got nothing better to do...shut up and dun back stab ppl as it reli proves that your brains are so shallow..."i m reli crapping here....i havent finish studying yet...ughhh!!!n facing that Mr Kal soon just drives my blood pressure higher.....

btw,if you are the person that i mentioned about...deleting me frm your contacts and gave me a deadly look when i met u at cheq up as well as edu. fair....get this clear....you are an immature 19 year old who has a real jerk as a boyfiend...i dun care what shit did he say bout me....you reli trust him huh???....let me tell u....getting 10As in your SPM doesnt prove that you are smart....get a life!!!!and btw,i only love Joseph Lau....so just **** off k?....i dun give a damn bout u....i respected you as my choir president but now you proved to be just an ordinary *****!...hope you dun get a divorce after you marry that "honey" of yours...


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

class test???!!!

Last week,my law lecturer dropped a bomb,"You better be prepared there might be a class test soon as we finished to topics.So,revise your Common Law & Equity as well as The Doctrine of Judicial Precedent."Guess what?My brain is failing me and my inner self is betraying me as I am so lazy to study and my brains cant absorb!Really deep s**t....and tmr I am gonna have lessons with that Mr Kal....really double s**t and I have to finish dad company's accounts...more s**t...well,I better take uncle Johnny's advice on time management....laziness is like eating me up....and yesterday Eva told me that Mr Kal knows or actually overheard that there are some students skipped his lessons because THEY HATE HIM!!!!i better keep my fingers cross and hope that he wont pick on me....tmr is gonna be a long day!!!ugh....I better get studying....

*laziness by Esther*

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Some pictures of US together...

Hihi. Here are some pictures of Me and my Sweet...

In Pastor of all Pastors wedding...

Joy Joy !!!...

By the beach before Christmas pre 2006...

Office (VM)...

Hehex. In the airport cargo loading bay...

Cheq Up. Canteen of Penyayang...

Hahaz again...

Shhh. Not our money. No contribution yea. LOLX..

Guard hse of E-Park...

Hi Honey. Here is one dedication from Me to YOU... Muakzz. God Bless ya...