Wednesday, 4 July 2007

class test???!!!

Last week,my law lecturer dropped a bomb,"You better be prepared there might be a class test soon as we finished to topics.So,revise your Common Law & Equity as well as The Doctrine of Judicial Precedent."Guess what?My brain is failing me and my inner self is betraying me as I am so lazy to study and my brains cant absorb!Really deep s**t....and tmr I am gonna have lessons with that Mr Kal....really double s**t and I have to finish dad company's accounts...more s**t...well,I better take uncle Johnny's advice on time management....laziness is like eating me up....and yesterday Eva told me that Mr Kal knows or actually overheard that there are some students skipped his lessons because THEY HATE HIM!!!!i better keep my fingers cross and hope that he wont pick on me....tmr is gonna be a long day!!!ugh....I better get studying....

*laziness by Esther*

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