Friday, 20 March 2009

Bad Fuel Comsumption of cars

Dear readers, most of the times we feel that our cars are burning too much fuel although we tried everything to lower it down. After spending some time looking up on the internet, hope this helps. It's a compilation by on fuel saving tips.

  1. Slow down - just follow the speed limit
  2. Check your tire pressure - at least once a month, in cool condition.
  3. accelerate moderately
  4. turn off air conditioner - (only applicable at night)
  5. keep the original - don’t upgrade your car with fancy rim or tyre
  6. reduce your car weight
  7. downsize - use a smaller car (CLK? Cute Little Kancil.)
  8. Don’t drive - those without driving license don’t spend much on fuel
  9. Avoid extremely high speeds
  10. Don’t brake hard
  11. Keep windows closed at high speed (of course with air-con on)
  12. Service vehicle regularly
  13. Maintaining a constant speed
  14. Avoid long idles - turn it off if it is going to be idle for more than 1 minute
  15. Warming up engine is not necessary
  16. Be sure the automatic choke is disengaged after engine warm up
  17. Buy fuel during coolest time of day - early morning or late evening is the best.
  18. Use credit card with fuel rebate
  19. Never fill gas tank past the first “click” of fuel nozzle, if nozzle is automatic.
  20. Manual shift driven cars allow you to change to highest gear as soon as possible, thereby letting you save fuel.
  21. Think ahead when approaching hills. If you accelerate, do it before you reach the hill, not while you’re on it.
  22. Avoid rough roads whenever possible - dirt or gravel rob you of up to 30% of your fuel mileage.
  23. Use alternate roads when safer, shorter, straighter.
  24. Place gear into neutral position when waiting at traffic light
  25. Park car so that you can later begin to travel in forward gear
  26. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional misalignment.
  27. Set air conditioners to auto if available
  28. Car pools reduce travel monotony and fuel expense
  29. Do whatever possible online, by phone etc such as banking, document delivery, shopping etc
  30. when filling up, don’t squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to the fastest mode
  31. Fill up when your tank is half full
  32. Sometime it is worth to pay the toll
  33. Look further to anticipate obstacle - don’t tailgate
  34. Park at shaded car park - save your air-con
  35. No unnecessary external accessories
  36. Monitor your odometer or tripmeter
  37. Use K-link fuel saver? If it really works, you don’t have to advertise it in this desperate situation.
  38. Plan ahead by combining your errands into one trip
  39. Plan your trips so you go out during less-congested times of day.
  40. Work from home
  41. Take public transportation (I am just kidding)
  42. Cycling to work - it might be better than taking the public transportation
  43. Use NGV - read this real experience by Fathersez
  44. When going downhill, ease your throttle down and work with gravity to build up speed.
  45. Move nearer to your work place
  46. Use cruise control only on flat road
  47. When there is a timer on traffic light showing “99″ seconds and stays still, off your engine.
  48. Scrap your car if all the above fail.
  49. Buy BMW (men lap iu) or Mercedes (men siu lee) - This is a joke if you know Hokkien.
Hope it helps.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Typed Kelisa on Google & came pass this

Pada suatu malam yang hening dan sunyi di lebuhraya utara selatan (PLUS highway) kelihatan sebuah Kelisa putih tersadai di sebelah lane kerosakan. Ada orang tua yang berdiri disebelahnya, pemilik Kelisa tu sedang berjalan kehulu kehilir cuba menahan kereta supaya membantu tetapi tidak ada sebuah kereta pun berhenti. Tiba- tiba datang lah sebuah kereta Mitsubishi Evo 7 berhenti di sebelah Kelisa tadi.

“Ada apa nie pakcik,kereta rosak ke?”tanya mamat Evo 7 berusia dalam lingkungan 20an.

“A’ha rosak “jawab pakcik tu simple je….

“Ok, cam nie, saya ada tali nanti saya ikat kat kereta saya dan saya tarik kereta pakcik sampai tol”mamat nie bagi idea.

“canteek gak tu…” tapi….nanti kalau pakcik rasa awak bawak laju pakcik akan hon dan bagi high beam”

“Woraaitt pakcik”..mamat nie pun ikatlah tali kat depan Kelisa putih didepan dan hujungnya diikat dibelakang bumper Evo 7nye. dia pun jalanla..dengan slow dan berhati-hati. Dalam lima kilometer mamat nie laju le sikit, maklumlah Evo 7 brother….apalagi pakcik tu pun hon dan bagi high beam la kat mamat tu. Mamat tu pun slowkan balik..

Tiba-tiba ada sebuah Porsche 911 datang dari belakang dan press minyak kat mamat Evo7, apa lagi bro….jiwa muda pantang dicabar,
dia pun tekan la minyak rapat nak kejar Porsche 911 nie…lupa la pulak dia dengan Kelisa putih org tua yg diikat kat belakang kereta dia.

Orang tua tu punya la hangin satu badan,dia pun hon dan bagi hi beam bagai nak rak. Mamat evo7 tu dah tak sedar dah….angin punya pasal.
Tak sampai 2 kilometer di depan ada mamat Polis bertenggek buat speed trap kat bawah jambatan.

Vrooommm…. bedesup peginye.

“Ini dah lebih speed limit nie”kate mamat Polis nie.

“Mak ai !! ini dah cecah 250kmj” Dia pun contact la kengkawan dia kat depan supaya saman kereta-kereta yg laju nie…

“Over..over.. over”kate mamat Polis tadi pada kawannya didepan.

“Ada tiga buah kenderaan memandu melebihi had laju,sebuah Porsche 911, Mitsubishi Evo7 dan sebuah lagi kalau aku cakap korang mesti tak
percaye punye” kate mamat Polis.

“Kereta ape yang satu lagi Bro” kate member Polis yg ada di depan.


“Kelisa putih beb….tengah cucuk angin ngan Evo7 tu….siap bagi hon dan hi beam nak potong !!! pergh…

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Little Nyonya...

I have been watching this series weeks ago... I simply love it... Well, my grandma is a nyonya who lived in an authenthic nyonya house before and last heard, the government is intending to buy up my great-grand aunt's house to convert it into a museum. Anyway, our church has been presenting dramas based on the Baba & Nyonya culture for years. Hence, this culture is no stranger to many of us. My grandma gave me a few of her hand-sewn kebayas... I did not appreciate it then but now, people are willing to buy it with a very good price... Coming back about the show, it is definitely worth watching.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

It is so different now!

Today, we went to collect her ashes after the cremation. All is left of her is now just plain memories. Even her skull has been fragmented into pieces and now, her physical body is merely like dust in the urn. Sunday was her funeral, I thought I would not cry but when we walked past the bank and the coffee shop we used to go, I cried. When we passed the lane we used to take to the coffee shop, I can't help but recall the time I used to shade her with the umbrella and joke with her. Those days before the funeral, I buried myself with the works that needed to be done. I ran round with dear making sure all of the aunts have food to eat, I managed the cash box and fetching Ken or other people to places. To me, she is still there though her voice is no longer audible. When I want to see her, I will call for my dear to go with me and look into the coffin. She still looks the same like those times she was sleeping, but minus the snoring. After that Sunday, that was it. No more Yee Yee around.

Yesterday, we went back to her house. The moment I stepped into the house, I no longer see her lying on her chair. No more greetings or questions like have we eaten? or where have we been?. When we ate our dinner, no one comes into the dining room asking us what are we eating or anyone that will eat with us. The home has the touch. She was the matriach that will ensure that we have dinner when we are there. Now since she is no longer there, no more home-cooked food as the old folks need the much required rest. Besides that, we all have to save $$$ to make sure that the big house is well kept and maintained. Before she left, she said that to maintain the family is hard what more the home. No one understood that until today.

She is definitely a tough woman. When she was in pain, nothing was uttered til the darker days drew by. She did not work but she managed to sustain the home til today. Well, I really miss her.