Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Help and advice needed...

How in the freaking world do you set the pictures the way you want it with the title???. Everytime i include pictures in a blog space, it turns out crappy when i check it in the preview setting. drag picture here, cannot move. Click picture got deleted. Really a pain.

Ppl. Please help me on this.


Dear's cousin's house in KL... Marvelous

Monday, 15 September 2008

Getting all you need on the INTERNET...

Hihi. For those of you that own a PSP (fat or slim), please do not go waste your money buying games that cost hundreds of RM (UMD) or downloaded games from the shop that may varies from RM3-5 per game. Visit "PSPISO". Go sign up and download IDM - Internet download manager. TUt fast i tell you this DM. From there onwards, go have fun. Remember, pay nothing for anything you need from the internet...

I now got,
1.NFS pro Street
2.NFS Carbon
3.Fifa Street
4.Lots of others


Morning Sweet...

Blessed morning and blessed Monthlyversary Sweetheart. Yea. We do celebrate versaries. Yearly of course but monthly too for us.

Esther Ban, wanna tell you I LOVE You. Know as your course starts and having to work at the same time, it'll be tiring and exausting, but i'll be there to support and stand by you. You're a tough woman. Hang in there alright... You're the greatest !.

God Bless You.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Talking about congested...

King Of China Trains. "Super no Songest"

King Of Japan Trains. "Super not so Congest"

King of France Trains. "Walaoeh not Many People so no Congest"

Holly MAMA !.

Conngested?. NO !
Over Congested? NO !
It's freaking Walaoeh Gila KNN congested !!!!!!!!!!

*Dont look down on these people. They have an ability to balance on anything. Especially on the train when it's moving fast... No Joke !.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wonderful woman in my life...

Esther Ban. A special person in my life that i've known for almost all my life. Love at first sight. Does it exist?. Yes it does. I Love you Dear...