Saturday, 30 June 2007

A Tribute To the Late Darius Looi

A boy just at the age of 12 was striving his best to grasp the breathe of life.At the age of 5,he had rash and high fever which would not subside,the doctors did not know what was going on.Day by day,the doctors gave him medication that did no good to him as they could not figure out what was wrong with Darius.Blood was drawn each day and tested,with the last resort,they sent his blood sample to Singapore.Then,he was helpless;he could not walk and his stomach was bloated.His parents cried,fasted and prayed to the Almighty God to save their son.Darius was in great agony and he took drugs to endure the pain.When the test results were back,the doctor dropped a bomb,a death sentence that this young child has the deadly disease,Lupus or also known as SLE.There was no cure or treatment to the killer and the parents wept but they and little Darius held on to God.Then,his liver was affected as this auto immune disease will turn your immune system to attack your organs.Just like the Bible said,a child-like faith,Darius trusted God though all the hospitals turned him down and said he had no hope.God is definitely faithful and a healer.Darius was sent to the General Hospital and guess what,he survived.He pledged to be a pastor or doctor so that he could save the rejected kids that doctors would no treat and he will make them well.

God spared this life for 7 long years.His diseases reoccur and this time really put his dear life on the line.He was the same fighter seven years ago,he fought for life and though he had difficulty in breathing,he fought on.Days ago,he was sent to ICU and his parents was told to be prepared for the worse as his organs are affected,enzymes shot up to 40 times more than a normal child and heart was beating at the rate of approximately at 200 per minute but still he held on.He fought a good fight of faith and God called him home today at 12pm.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard about this fighter.Our church prayed for him on Friday but God's plan and thoughts are always higher than ours.For He holds the future.My heart plunged when I heard about his death so did Joseph's.I salute Darius as he is definitely a faith-filled child that has a fighting spirit that fought for his life.As Paul said,for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.We that are breathing this very moment should be ashame of ourselves.A boy and many out there were or are fighting for life but we here are complaining and not satisfy with petty issues,eg. you dont have the latest cds or whatever.Life is precious and the most important thing is WHERE ARE YOU HEADING FOR WHEN YOUR HEART STOPS BEATING?HEAVEN OR HELL?...Come on people.Wake up!Look at the world,it is coming to an end.Is Jesus in your heart?Are you leading a life that deserves a place in Heaven?What are we up to out there?Risking our lives with drugs or alcohol while others are begging to breathe?Dont say that life is ypung.Look,a boy at the age of 12 has passed away,dont you think that you should live your life right as how sure are you that you can see tomorrow?

I know I may sound harsh but whatever it is life is GOLD and I made up mind to live it to the fullest for the glory of God and not throwing my life about as though there will be tomorrow.God holds my tomorrow and in Christ alone I shall place my trust.Darius will be a legacy that will last in my memories.He will be my inspiration to continiue to have child-lke faith,a faith that totally belives in the impossibilities and I believe that one day,God will turn all impossibilities to become POSSIBILTIES!!!

**In Loving Memory of Darius Looi-a fighter that fought a good fight and ran a good race**

~a serious thought of Esther's~

Thursday, 28 June 2007

I hate Mr Kal or whatever his name is...

I hate that bald,fat and the smoker old lecturer!I want mrs hatia back....though i can say that hate is a word too strong to express my dissatisfaction towards him but stil!!!he s so ridiculous....i have another 2 months with him and exams are getting nearer!!!how on earth am i gonna pass my as level!!!reli screwed!!!first time in my college life history:Esther didnt do her homework!...wat la...attempt to be a good gal definitely failed!..not like he s gonna care bout assignments as all my frens nvr bother to even look at the work he havent mark or look at our assignmentS for a month good fren in college,Nabila has decided to skip class tmr....real smart!!!

hopefully i dun get sue for siraj always talked bout blogging and if u blog real bad things of ppl...u ll get sued and u ll get an injunction and pay damages....sometimes being a law student sucks!!! least i enjoy my law assisgnments...

assignment failed to attempt: 1st assignment-Julius Caesar dated on 15/06/2007
that day when i received my "bomb" bout this assignment was also my a year and a half anniversary....realy terrible!

*freedom of expression by Esther~

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

My Dear's adicolor...

Here are some pictures of the actual shoe. Full pink with white linings. Good grip at the bottom. Its kind of a good deal as the inside was fully cushioned. Moreover, material on the outer layer is water proof as well as solid. Could take quite a number of beating of daily usage...

And she is the actual owner of the shoe. Fulamak !!!...
I'm jz glad that my Dear got a proper pair of shoe. Will last her some time.

In case you reading this, there are other brands that are equally good.
1. Nike
2. Puma
3. Camel
4. Hush Puppies
5. Admiral (maybe)
6. Many otherzzz


Saturday, 23 June 2007

men are juz insensitive

Today I attended a wedding of my friend, was an awesome wedding and the bride was gorgeous...well brides always look good on THE DAY...this is sort of the first wedding of a close friend I attended and the foremost thought that hit me was...hey..I am old....
Pictures of Renee and her new Husband...

**conversation with honey**
Esther : Dear,I feel so old.
Joseph : Why?
Esther : I mean my friend is officially married and I just feel old.
Joseph : Don't simply think la...You always like to think nonsense.
Esther : It's a girl thing.

See????Guys are just insensitive.When we girls show signs that we are down but they can still be laughing their heads off or when we realised that another girl is sending awkward signals and we let them know,they will be like.."huh?where got?don't simply think..."...Sometimes I just feel like knocking their heads and tell "Wake up you silly fools and get some estrogen pills!!!!" Ugh!!!!I know my dear gonna have a lot of things to say after this post but I am just sharing the reality and a note to the masculine out there.....

If you claim that you have guts,please just admit it k?...

Another thing about men is that they are proud and when comes to saying sorry or admitting that they are wrong, its like executing them!Pure madness.....*sigh*..I thank God that I am a woman....I once read this said that God created man first and they are His first draft...and we,women are the perfected version...well....I think that it is so undeniable fact....

*another sexist thought by the gal*

Friday, 22 June 2007

Joel,my lil brother

Joel Ban is my youngest brother and he can be a great pest!!!...dunno wat to say bout him la....except that he is fat and cute...

*that is him with specs....*

.....posting with my neighbour's dog-max.....that dog can reli bite

that's the lil pig drooling in the car...:)

~xoxo - esther~

Thursday, 21 June 2007

All about doggy - Jia Jia...

~Jia Jia~

Jia Jia is the dog from Joe's aunts place and her actual owner is Aunt Mimi(Bee Bee)...she is so adorable and fat in a way...her weakness is FOOD!...She is always so "Tham Sim" is also very possessive...any dogs that 'do their business' or pass the gate will be barked at ferociously...I will always love her as she is so sweet...always following me around...well part of the reason is I always bribe her
with her weakness....great meltdown for her...hahaz....


Here are some pictures of my dear fren......

~All ready for her nap time after a long grueling day~

*aint she cute???*

smile gal!!!

patting time... she adores to be loved...

joe dear patting ah jia...

It's Soon!!!

I am freaking scared!!!i now waiting for either my dear or the driving school ppl to pick me up and my heart is beating so fast since early in the make matter worse,i have a girly issue today...juz so wonderful isnt my heart is literally pounding and negative thoughts are flooding mymind...i can feel the jitters...all i can do now is have faith and trust God...ah!!!...i wonder how many zits i am gonna get cause of the driving test...oh Lord,please help me!...

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I Was There...

Fulamak !. Tell you ah. Customer service to teachers of driving school, suppose to be sweet and nice right?. Today teach my dear wan ah, like 'tu kau'... think he so 'eik si'... Wear sunglasses very big ah???. Nvr smile, face so black, walk one 'khuan' some more. Let him kiss my shoes then he know. My shoes got all kinds of 'flavours'. Wanna try?... But good thing, today never 'chut siaa' alot... Smack him then he know. Well, tomorrow honey will do well with the help of the Holy Spirit k...

Stay calm and be steady !!!


AHHHH!!!!!test is tomorrow!

Great!Today's lesson was so-so...and i got d instructor that i didnt hope for-Ah Huat....shit!...he did scare the hell out of me and i nearly got into an accident...i think i did quite well..*perasan case*...i even prayed in tongues while driving..not to mention i did cursed silently too...hahaz...tmr is the doom day!!!the test...juz keep my fingers crossed and hope that i pass!!!

I Hate Driving Lessons

I just hate driving lessons...the instructors are always moody...well I cant deny that I did meet a couple of them that are nice and helpful...juz wish i dun get the chinese man again who will just sit next to me and scare the daylight out of me(not to mention,belittle me too)...thank God that i have my darling that always encourage me to press on or else i would have quit,gave the driving school a piece of my mind and God knows what i ll do...well,tmr i ll be sitting for my driving test...hopefully i pass....well...i hope to get a good thing out of the rainbow's end!!!

A Dedication from Her to Him

My first blog is dedicated to my dearest Joseph Lau Bek Yeong.He has played a big role in my life and really open up another side of me.Indeed God has used him and is still using him to minister to me.He is definitely a great blessings from above that no one can replace his placen in my heart.He is sweet,understanding,loving,kind,SACRIFICIAL,responsibility...etc..and not to forget GODLY!!!

Here are some pictures of my honey...

~honey at christmas dinner 2006~

~lou gong at work!~

Dear I just want to say, I LOVE YOU & Thanks for everything you have done!!!!