Saturday, 30 June 2007

A Tribute To the Late Darius Looi

A boy just at the age of 12 was striving his best to grasp the breathe of life.At the age of 5,he had rash and high fever which would not subside,the doctors did not know what was going on.Day by day,the doctors gave him medication that did no good to him as they could not figure out what was wrong with Darius.Blood was drawn each day and tested,with the last resort,they sent his blood sample to Singapore.Then,he was helpless;he could not walk and his stomach was bloated.His parents cried,fasted and prayed to the Almighty God to save their son.Darius was in great agony and he took drugs to endure the pain.When the test results were back,the doctor dropped a bomb,a death sentence that this young child has the deadly disease,Lupus or also known as SLE.There was no cure or treatment to the killer and the parents wept but they and little Darius held on to God.Then,his liver was affected as this auto immune disease will turn your immune system to attack your organs.Just like the Bible said,a child-like faith,Darius trusted God though all the hospitals turned him down and said he had no hope.God is definitely faithful and a healer.Darius was sent to the General Hospital and guess what,he survived.He pledged to be a pastor or doctor so that he could save the rejected kids that doctors would no treat and he will make them well.

God spared this life for 7 long years.His diseases reoccur and this time really put his dear life on the line.He was the same fighter seven years ago,he fought for life and though he had difficulty in breathing,he fought on.Days ago,he was sent to ICU and his parents was told to be prepared for the worse as his organs are affected,enzymes shot up to 40 times more than a normal child and heart was beating at the rate of approximately at 200 per minute but still he held on.He fought a good fight of faith and God called him home today at 12pm.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard about this fighter.Our church prayed for him on Friday but God's plan and thoughts are always higher than ours.For He holds the future.My heart plunged when I heard about his death so did Joseph's.I salute Darius as he is definitely a faith-filled child that has a fighting spirit that fought for his life.As Paul said,for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.We that are breathing this very moment should be ashame of ourselves.A boy and many out there were or are fighting for life but we here are complaining and not satisfy with petty issues,eg. you dont have the latest cds or whatever.Life is precious and the most important thing is WHERE ARE YOU HEADING FOR WHEN YOUR HEART STOPS BEATING?HEAVEN OR HELL?...Come on people.Wake up!Look at the world,it is coming to an end.Is Jesus in your heart?Are you leading a life that deserves a place in Heaven?What are we up to out there?Risking our lives with drugs or alcohol while others are begging to breathe?Dont say that life is ypung.Look,a boy at the age of 12 has passed away,dont you think that you should live your life right as how sure are you that you can see tomorrow?

I know I may sound harsh but whatever it is life is GOLD and I made up mind to live it to the fullest for the glory of God and not throwing my life about as though there will be tomorrow.God holds my tomorrow and in Christ alone I shall place my trust.Darius will be a legacy that will last in my memories.He will be my inspiration to continiue to have child-lke faith,a faith that totally belives in the impossibilities and I believe that one day,God will turn all impossibilities to become POSSIBILTIES!!!

**In Loving Memory of Darius Looi-a fighter that fought a good fight and ran a good race**

~a serious thought of Esther's~

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