Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A Dedication from Her to Him

My first blog is dedicated to my dearest Joseph Lau Bek Yeong.He has played a big role in my life and really open up another side of me.Indeed God has used him and is still using him to minister to me.He is definitely a great blessings from above that no one can replace his placen in my heart.He is sweet,understanding,loving,kind,SACRIFICIAL,responsibility...etc..and not to forget GODLY!!!

Here are some pictures of my honey...

~honey at christmas dinner 2006~

~lou gong at work!~

Dear I just want to say, I LOVE YOU & Thanks for everything you have done!!!!

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Eva Leong said... sweet* if ever my crush say sumtin lidat i'll melt *lala~* hehe. may God bless u both in this relationship^^.