Monday, 23 July 2007

Dedicted with sincereness

Blinded,misled and deluded by everything around,
Your love was mistaken for hatred,
Your heart shatters into pieces on the ground,
The care you offered was taken for granted,
But you still held on to me, saying that everything is going to be fine.
Although I pushed, rejected you aside,calling you names and even ridiculed you ,
You still held on tight and assure me that your every intention is kind.

I just want to say I am truly sorry for treating you as such,
and thank you for your love that I did not treasure with my heart.
You always stood by me and telling me that God loves me so much,
That I should turn to Him when I am lost and life seems so hard.
God is my answer when I am clueless, broken...
He is my all,my life and He will never fail me when everyone does.
At the cross He laid it all down and all my sins are taken,
All I have to do is have faith and trust.
God will hold my hand and walk through the valley with me, His daughter,
I am made with a purpose that no one can take away,
Most of all is that He loves me so much that He died for me.

You are like an angel that have been sent to me.
Without you,
My world would fall apart,
My eyes would never see how much life means,
When I am down, I would have no one reminding me that God loves me,
Prayers would not be made for yours truly from a sincere heart,
The word L-O-V-E wouldnt be what it seems,
but just a dream and fantasy.
My ears would never hear your sweet voice that assures,
Or would I ever feel the hugs filled with security,
When I am going through the raging seas,
You would never be there to remind me of the cross.
I would never sense the touch that gives me confirmity.

All I want to say is a big thank you,
And you have definitely been a great blessing to me.
I really love and appreciate you.
I hope that I could be the one in your heart,
that will do the same like what you did for me.

Dedicated to Joseph

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