Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kwang Hwa (C)

S.J.K. (C) KWANG HWA. According to educational standards, this is a good school. Parents are keen on sending their kids to this particular school due to high scoring statistics over the years. My Dear, Joseph Ban & now lil fatty boy (Joel Ban) are all from KHwa. Simple, they are all smart. But coming to Joel, hmm. Think twice lo. At home everyday watch tv only. Gila mia advertisements like never see or hear before also he knows. Smart but lazy boy. And knows how to eat! Yea, I meant eat. Like me Joseph Lau. Well, I'm proud to say that i'm his inspiration. Why?. Cause i'm big size (round) and cute. Therefore must eat eat eat to be like me. Hehex...


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