Sunday, 24 February 2008

Kai kai...

Hehex. Hihi. Sorry ah. Soooooooooooo long didn't blog alredi. Let ppl say we "PPK" some more. You know who you are. Well,what happened the latest?. Yup. 4 quater grown teens went for trip and makan. Was last week WED. Went to AutoCity. WOW. Big liow d le k. I so big boy never go so far without parents wan ah. Dun play. Well, set off from 6 I think. Ppl that went?.

1.Jim (Kannasai punya driver. Drive like gila babi - at times)
2.Denise (Smile like anything ah)
3.Esther (My lovely darling la)
4.Joe (a.k.a Fatty boom boom)

Suprisingly, bridge good condition. Reach the other side in no time. And safely thank GOD. Got a parking space. got down and start walking. Like little deers entering the city. So decided to have dinner at Roxbury food house. Walaoeh. Damn long ah the food.

But overall, not really "lecomended" to eat there lo. Took a stroll cause quite full then stop at Starbutts. Each of us got ourselves a drink. And Jim's drink is disguating. Literally "Eww". Green wan. Sat there like more than an hour. Took pictures n stuff. Great chat. I try get some pics. Hehex...

So now almost 11p.m. Mz head back home. Now fatty Joe turn to drive. Pleasant drive back. no traffic n no police. Good news. Looking forward to the next outing...


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