Tuesday, 17 February 2009


It has been a long time since I have blog and many things have happened. My finals will be only 2++ months away and college has announced their grueling long hours of revision schedule. Due to the revision, I won't be able to attend IGNITE, Bible Study and sometimes even Sunday Service! And the worse part is the lecturer even made this statement, "choose to have a life or have part 1 next year. Make your choice now!". It is without doubt that ATC has been a great college, the lecturers will never fail to torture us with extra classes whether it to be in the evenings or Sundays, I do not see any light in their lives. Their world evolves around lectures, students and reading up of recent developments in law... they do not seem to have a family life also because some are divorced; single and the married lecturer carries this troubled look on her face when you see her up closed. I do not want to end up like them. They have the career, the knowledge, the wealth but their lives are empty, without God.

Law exams are far different from the past whereby more is required of you. The number of cases you have to read and grasp at the back of your palm, it is just HORRIBLE! In the nights when I am alone and my mind starts to wonder, I will questioned myself on why I am seeking such unnecessary torture? It is not like I can't quit this, I can always help my dad run his business since I know most of the things in the office. The silly me even wished that money would just fall from the sky. Life is just not so simple like I used to think. When I see Joel worrying about his homework or him running about watching his cartoons with not much worries, I dream to be him. So careless, so happy and life is still so far ahead of him whereby everything he needs are laid out for him.

After saying all that, every cloud does have a silver lining. At the end of my classes, I will always see my dear waiting for me downstairs in the car. He will never fail in listening to my grunts and complaints. In classes, he will drop me text messages telling me to hang on and no matter whats he supports and loves me. He is also the one that chauffeurs me to and fro unfailingly. Besides that, he will make sure that I am well fed before I go for my classes. When there are breaks of 30 minutes, he will be at the mamak stall waiting for me. During my lunch breaks, he will faithfully take me out for lunch or a joyride Lastly, he even promised me that I can get my dream bag from KL when we attend his cousin's wedding. With the condition that I save and do my best for my exams.
He is indeed my silver lining, my companion, my comfort and pillar. He is the one that showers me with prayers, love, care and all that I need. Well, he is not able to replace God but yet, he is my earthly angel.

So, Dear, thank you for everything & I love you!

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Nabila Jamil said...

Hey. Taking law is death sentence definitely. I too am struggling. But it is nice to have someone who will always have ur back. Thank god u have joe. U guys are like the sweetest couple i've ever seen. God bless both of u :)