Tuesday, 24 February 2009

MPH book voucher

Dear received her book voucher from MPH book store not long ago. I'm not a big fans on books but Dear is. The voucher was like RM100++. ( O.O ). So yesterday we went to scout for a couple of law reference books. But it was too expensive. So we decided that each of us pick something to fill up the voucher. Dear got books to read. As for me, what book is there for me to read le !?. Went to see magazines. Well, most of it not interesting at all and too much *female* content on computer & car magazines!. Although there are some that i wanted to buy, but how?. Almost NUDE women staring at you. Walaoeh. Really piang ah. But I did get a few. Like 4 magazines without *nude* women wan. If we were to use cash, you'll see the kiam siap side of us. But with the voucher, super boros. See what, take what.

Go purchase books from MPH. As time to time, you'll get book vouchers from them according to their terms and conditions of course.


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