Monday, 25 May 2009

KL trip...(15/05/09 - 17/05/09)

As stated before, Dear and I have been to KL for a short trip to attend Paul's wedding. We took a flight there and well, the first thing to thank God was : we did not board on the same flight as the person who had Swine Flu when we came back to PEN...instead of AK 5358, we boarded on AK5368. We booked the flight months ago. Hence, God's hands were really upon us. Imagine being quarantined and labeled "DANGEROUS".
Before we came back, Ken was sniffling and then Uncle Siew / Siew Chek took him to Guardian to get some pills to stop his running nose. He was joking about later the policeman catching Ken and locking him up. Seriously, he is a very cool.

On 15/05/2009, we boarded the 4.20pm flight to KL(LCCT). The plane was full and we have to queue up to board the plane. On board, we were joking about Dear needing an extended belt but surprisingly, the seat belt fit him!...XD...When we arrived at LCCT, we managed to board on the bus once we got out from the airport. The bus ride was HORRENDOUS! There were these 2 kids that were screaming and yelping. They kicked our chair, pulled our stuffs...seriously, ANNOYING... and guess what? The mom was fast asleep, while the dad played along with them! Don't know what is wrong with them. Upon reaching Sentral, there was a traffic jam and we got stuck. I was hoping that my sweet shop won't close. Crossing my fingers and counting the distance on my GPS. Ken, dear and me managed to drop our luggages in Geraldine's car and hopped onto a taxi to get to KLCC. On our way, we actually saw people fighting in the middle of the road which is scary. How can people living in the city behave like barbarians?...SHOCKING!... I held my bag close to me and prayed for our safety.BTW, we managed to get good taxi drivers. Another thing to thank God about!

When I saw the shop, I ran towards it. The people in there were very bossy and would not entertain us as they probably taught that we are one of those 'window shoppers'. When I finally caughtt he attention of the manager,and they led me to a counter and brought out all the bags. Well...the rest is history and I got my bag!

After that, we took the subway and train and taxi to Tropicana Golf Resort. Silly us asked the taxi to stopped us at the guard house and the guard was like,'You better call your taxi back or else you will have to walk more than 1km!'. We all chose to walk. All of us were perspiring and something happened to Dear. But if I say it here, he will kill me. We helped out with the deco and left @ 2.30AM. Before we slept, me and dear watched Cadet Kelly. Slept @ 4am!

The next day, we saw Paul getting dolled up and we ladies, (Ah Um, Aunty Molly and I) sat in Siew Chek's BMW 5 Series to get our hair done. Geraldine picked us up afterwards and Siew Chek took us to the hotel in his 7 series. The cars were superbly comfortable.

*Pictures of the wedding is on facebook* I am too lazy to blog about it....

On Sunday, Siew Chek was supposed to take us to SIBKL. But instead, he took us for the best curry mee! and Dear were looking for a 5 storey high building. When we asked him where were we, all he said was,"I am hungry. Eat first can anot?". He never planned to take us to church.. Until Aunty Molly called me several times. He even wanted to abandon Aunty Molly at SIBKL and take us shopping!.At the end, he dropped us at SIBKL. The church is awesome and the praise & worship was very good. We saw Kenny played the guitar also. After 3/4 of the service, Aunty Molly asked us to leave. Siew Chek took us in his orange Pajero to eat the best Yong Tau Fu. The food was yummy. He was so kind to take us all the way to LCCT instead of dropping us at Sentral.

That's all for now, will blog later. Can't wait to ride on Siew Chek's new BMW which was used as Paul's bridal car. I WANNA GO TO KL AGAIN!!!!

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