Sunday, 12 August 2007

Parents !. Think you all very smart ah...

Parents Parents Parents... Always think they are in the right at all times. Tell you all what,

bullshit. Times when our truth are told, they take no shit but to say, dont simply say or, dont

talk nonsense. And by the way, we as your children are humans. Not dogs you can bug around.

Piss you all k. Holding a high post at work doesnt mean that you all can order us around like

machines. We aint crap of some shit on the side roads that you picked up. Ask you all nicely, say

no. We patient. Ask a little later, don't disturb la, we busy. Hey, and those things we ask are not

things that are impossible to be done or anything k. We voice out, " hor lu lang kan". I mean,

what on earth is this?. Everytime say be kind, polite, joyful, happy, have manners, bla bla bla.

But do you all carry out what you all say to us children?. No right?. So dont come kannasai with

us. I'm not gonna scold bad words here. No point. You fools never understand us. Think you do

you do. Please la. Dont even know how to communicate properly with us. What we want as

children is understanding than scolding. Love than condamns. Time and not money. Buy us

material things and expect us to be good and humble dogs?. Over my dead body. And when time

goes bad on us side, tell them. Thats what they always tells us to do. When we do, they say

about how stupid we are. How idiotic, shit n etc. They get frustrated and give us a hell lots of

"hentaming". Bible say honour your father n mother. Think so easy?. Say we youths degrading.

How about you parents?. Look at yourselves before you say us. This is a statement.

Some things they not ask, but force us to do. And guess what, for the rest of our lives, there

is that wound that can never heal for eternity. Yes, Jesus heals. But there will be a scar. I have

my own experienced. Till now, that rage, anger and frustration is still in me. Thought everything

said by them is the truth. But i found out that i was bluffed and lied onto. Forgiveness?. Is too

much of a word in my life. Hey you parents. Simple. Dont want support or whatever, leave us

along and step away. You don't give chances at time or always. Thats why we rebel... So think

about it...

p.s. - I dont give a damn if i piss anyone off

*Joseph from the heart*... At the crappy moment, this is all i wanna say. If there is any other shit to add in, i'll do so...