Wednesday, 15 August 2007


ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!these days I am living in a world of my own n it is driving me insane....why life has to be so complicated?....lecturer will stand there going on n on bout assignments n the upcoming exams and my minds wonder to the zones that I aint suppose to(not explicit zone)...I am so not prepared n with tiredness, time s juz driving me nuts....wont be surprised if turn out to be a Rasputin....(nabila, if u read this u noe wat i mean) mind juz wonders n funny doubts ll envelope me....juz so frustrating....sometimes I even have d thought that my honey hates me n will leave me....n with the maid who hates me n always giving i being paranoid or wat? seems like everyone s treating me differently....when I turn to someone to talk to....all that person says is I will assassinate them n all....sometimes I feel like muz y I shut up....keep all inside life when life seems so complicating?...ppl fail u even the one u love n trust most....I have God....but i want someone or something to comfort pat o rub its head on me nlet me noe that it s there....conclusion : i am gonna smuggle a dog home...whether my parents like it or not....

~insanity driven-esther~

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