Tuesday, 21 August 2007

so called 'break'

I am having my so called 'break' these 2 weeks & it is not even a break from anything!!!!!first of all, I am stuck ed with 10 assignments.....4 law assignments & 5 history assignments...actually I have 5 history assignments is partially my fault...if only I finished one of it before the holidays and passed it up....hehex....thx to Siraj who said we need more practice so that we will be prepared for exams....now I m drowning with his long assignments that require at least 3 pages each....so great!....my dad cant find anyone to work at his company as the 'documentation & customer service personnel'...so I am stuck now at his office....with lack of sleep & deprivation of food....not to mention that the so called 'executive' here is so bossy & not to mention. R-U-D-E...if only I have the power to fire him,I would....den I have to answer calls which 90% of those on the lines seem to be having that PMS everyday...both men & women...they are so so so rude & demanding....they want the documents. they want it NOW even though they just sent the amendments...real weirdo....when they do mistakes, they never admit that it is their fault but point at ME!!!!it is ridiculous....cant they like have some common sense or something?....frustration upon frustration.....every morning I have to wake Joseph Lau up & waking him up can drive ur blood level up in the morning....u blow his phone up by calling infinity times but he says he cant hear it....*sigh*...last time the maid used to wake him & every time he ant wake up.....but when I wake him.....hmmmmm.....dunno wat to say.....

**ps: dear when u read this dun u dare say that u wont sleep 4eva k?...I ll persona;;y assassinate u


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.steph said...

LOL i'm laughin at joe and the assisination part..

:( will u well with ur assignments.. and those people from someplace near hell..