Thursday, 15 November 2007

one year eleven mnths n still counting!;)

today marks that our 2nd anniversary will be just a month away...thruout this time, we truly have gone thru ups and downs together, we also shared sad n joyful moments with one dear said he has a surprise up his sleeves for today...hmmm i wonder what it s three n half hours to my law paper....i m prepared just that i m afraid of the time much to write but can only limit myself less than 1/2 for a question....tmr last paper d n it ll easier than today s cos its just data response....time reli do fast that i m already completing my as level n camp is just 12 days away....after tmr i muz start packing n all....not to forget...try to plan a bday party for both of us....n den there s christmas n my lan subjects classes.....ah!....exam would be over but my life s still so last minute read ups...there r like cases,statistics,facts....yadda...will blog more after tmr....:)


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