Wednesday, 31 October 2007

yay! paper over...left 4 more!

At last I finished my History paper and it was easier than what i just need to pray and hope that marker s lenient and kind...i studied so much and thorough that my brains were about to for my is undeniable that we do fight and all but deep down we still love each other....he was so kind that he waited for me while i sat for my paper cos i couldn't bring my phone into the hall....he waited 4 and 1/2 hours....poor baby....i know he loves is just that sometimes things are so complicated that we argue...well...throughout this relationship we know and understand each other more....we see the dark sides of one another....honestly speaking he was more of trying to please his mom and i hate that a lot....sometimes we fight cos of what nabila is complicated...lots of sacrifices need to be made and well....the greatest love that was ever demonstrated is the love of God....Bible says that husband must love his wife just as He loves the church and wife must submit to her and Joe are definitely getting there...the funniest thing is that many people said we looked alike!!!!when i first attended college, my friends thought that we were siblings...they nearly died of shock when they saw us holding hands....hahaz....Jimmy commented on the looking alike thing during Kon way's party...and last sunday, Brian's mom said the same we really look so alike?....better go study Wednesday got paper on poems & prose....14/10 got paper on drama...15/11 got paper on law data response...last paper on law paper 2!!!!i havent started on both law n lit....better get going...hopefully i do better than just pass....I LOVE MY JOSEPH LAU!!!!!:)

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N A B i L A ' S J o U R N A L said...

Yes, yes! Love IS complicated.. Read my blog and u'll know y.. I'm screwed!!