Sunday, 21 October 2007

living the life? my dreams?..or vice versa?

i have put myself thru law for like months....n i started to i living up to what i want or m i living up to the $$$ i will get?recent days, the newspaper is splattered with news of legal professions being involved in all sorts of crime.Hey, these people are supposed to be the ones who stand for justice and now?Money is a definte root of all evil. IPG totally sucks and I wont advise anyone to go there unless you want to face a bunch of lousy people especially those in the management. Law?Business?What shall I go for?Should I live up the dreams and desires that my parents have for me or my own wants and passion. I am certain that I wont let $$$ be the goal o motive anymore. Honestly speaking I actually didnt wait for God's approval when I took up this course. Now, I am at the cross-road, whether to please God or man. If I do law, I defintely dont want to earn my rice bowl by doing paper works only but I want to work in the field of Criminal or Family Law. Going through that means I might have to stand up for the guilty and be indulged with the heart-breaking scene-divorce. Will I be able to withstand the pressure in future?or will I just fall apart?I want to take this chance to apologise to Nabila. Hey, if you read this, I just want to let you know that these few days I am totally confused and I just want to disappear from college, at the same time prepare for exams.I am confused.Seriously need prayers and God's help. Now, i am must put full force on my studies. next wednesday got History paper already. my honey is like supporting me through and my moods are like s***.well, i just need prayers and God's guide.



Alex Steinert Miles said...

i bet God wants to tell you what he has in mind for you as well! Seek him with patience... time will come when u know His will for your life!


N A B i L A ' S J o U R N A L said...

come back to class. i'm seriously missing u.. :'( classes r so boring without u. by the way, one of my cat died today