Saturday, 27 October 2007

sick n tired...

i m so sick,tired,frustrated...seriously now what position am i standing in A's heart...multiple times I had been thrown with harsh tone...what am I?...the way A treats all the friends is way better then the way I have been treated...this s called love? be love,yet yell at?....I got scolded for no reasons, come on ok?...i scold me....i rush you into things, you say i impatient...then when u urself does it...u r right n i point u out...u say oh...i always right n u wrong....i dont think i want to accept any apologies...u showing me that u dun love me anymore n i m FED UP!!!!hear that? point trying to be happy...u said sry n everytime i ve the fear dunno u ll repeat it again....dun u dare say i hate being with u or it s hard being with u k...enough s enough!


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N A B i L A ' S J o U R N A L said...

deary, that is love. well, i think i'm crushing on someone, AGAIN! but he's waaaayy older than me and not good looking at all but by far, he's the nicest guy i've met. nicer than him..chill ok? it's all about compromising. guys and their ego..