Monday, 24 September 2007

round Penang....

As Penangites, we ought to be ashame if we have not stepped into any of our little island's tourists attractions. On Friday, I had no class as exams were still on for those who took we decided to go for a game of bowling. We went to Penang bowl but mind you, I totally suck in this sport that we left earlier than we planned....we didnt know where to head next....I suggested that we head to Batu Ferringhi....round and round we was too hot for the beach so we past the sign that said Penang Butterfly Farm...we followed the sign and since both idiots have not been there before...we had a superb time...the butterflies were like flying all over...and they are so beautiful....however, the entrance fee is kind of expensive because one adult cost RM 10!!!...after like an hour there, we went to the beach near some hotel....we attempted the parachute thingy...i managed to overcome the height phobia in me...i was squealling in the air and my honey was trying to clam me down but saying he loves me and he started praying....hahaz....guess he was a little scared the end of it, we had a bad landing and dear smashed on me...not exactly pleasing when that happened...high uo in the air, made me realised something....i saw jelly fish floating in the sea and all in all just how magnificient God's creations....God is definitely so amazing....infinity thumbs-ups to Him....go so far sure we went to makan....first we tried the roti pisang + ice-cream...that place has its own story to tell but i overcame it to...den we went to the ship...after makan, we shopped and shopped....we bought so many crazy ppl....

that was 3 days i forgot and didnt noe that i have extra class and i slept til noon and went on to continue my little island tour....we went to the aquarium at balike pulau....not much too see and way we went to the museum after it....kinda fun la....but sort of creepy...seeing dead ppl 's belongings being displayed....after we took picts outside the museum...a trishaw puller asked if we would like to have a city-born kids, we havent even laid our butts on a trishaw ok la...we went to Fort Cornwallis...entrance fees is only RM3 per adult...and there are lots to much that we can learn about Penang history...i found out that the 1st judge in this island is Sir Willian Hackett... i nearly died of laughter when honey answered me that the first judge in Penang is Willian Shakespeare....after all the trips and picture taking, we went to is definitely a great day...tmr got class d...not to mention, i mite kena slaughter for not going to class today...well i didnt noe bout not my fault:)


Places visited on 21st Sept :
1) Penang Bowl (my 1st time playing bowling...silly rite?)
2) Penang Butterfly Farm
3) Some mamak stall near the farm
4) Beach (parachute)
5) The Ship
6) Batu ferrighi's pasar malam

Places visted on 24th September :
1) Aquarium (bayan Lepas)
2) Museum
3) Fort Cornwallis
4) Kayu Nasi Kandar
5) Chef & Brew

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