Friday, 14 March 2008

updating for d sake of it....

since jimmy requested for an update so i shall just comply...Wednesday was jimmy's latest addiction's birthday aka just wanna wish her blessed belated exams are coming and I m burning midnight oil...recently i really hate 2 old man and my lecturer...not that i ever liked them but who cares?...they r driving me nuts...but 'hate' is a word too strong to describe thinks that i m a Christian and must have higher standards and because of her 'holiness' as a catholic and a priest's daughter...she just insults other's religions and beliefs like nobody's business....and because i m a Christian and some church member that told her my boy friend's dad s a pastor...i officially becomes her topic of attention!...she insults my friends by saying that they are bad influence,which its so not true....and when i help my friend during class,i get scolding for not letting my friend use her own brains! can someone not help an individual that lost??????...wat the?...ppl in my class now classified Christians as meanies....i so dun wanna be associated with her....real s*** dad's staff ran away so now i muz face apek that blames me for everything including the malfunctioned printer!.....i m going thru stress....real stress...
and guess what?...before I left class, she told me I m getting naughty!....its not like I am horny or was just because I elbowed my friend in class....what am i supposed to do when a guy asked me to call her?...i m so PISSED!!!!cant wait to leave the so called PTPL...ugh!***@#**%%%!!!!!

*just letting go my frustration*

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