Friday, 17 October 2008

guys and vulgar words... n silly tantrums

I seriously don't get it about guys scolding all those words. As though it makes them smarter and it will solve any problems. All the c(s),l(s) and blah! What purpose does those words serve? One thing I know it amounts to : ASSAULT and it is an unlawful act. Why do it when you know it puts you in the same class like the fools you are addressing the words to? Then when confronted they throw tantrums at their girlfriends. Give us the look and the silly tone. I hate those words especially the hokkien ones that usually market and the lowest class of the all people will scold. Why do modern people adapt to such a habit? I don't get it with men. Sticking with my opinion. I am not sexist but at least girls have brains. If people are racist towards you, leave them alone. Scold them and make yourself racist? Oh wow! Going back to research work. Pure Insanity!


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