Monday, 26 May 2008

HIllsong 2008 in Malaysia...

What more can we christians want more !?. Hillsong Australia is commencing in 2 days time. Everyone I know is talking about it. Felt sorry for those that couldn't get their tickets anymore. Well, God blessed Dear and Me. It all started a week ago when ppl was hurrying to order the tickets. Dear was down as she had exams the week when Hillsong was about to perform. 4days ago, we looked through our ignite youth's blogs. Came pass the Hillsong posters. It came to us that we have to go for this concert. With the help of God, we started searching the web and making lots of phone calls around for help regarding the ticket availability. We soon came pass the church that was organising this concert. Got a hold of the Pastor and to our suprise, there were tickets available. Just a hand full. We ordered, money transfered, tickets couriered and today, it's in our hands. God is great. We are really looking forward to the coming Wed.

Overall, to God be the Glory.


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