Monday, 14 April 2008

A little help...

To all that is reading this, jz a lil help from you. In the previous blog post, i blogged that i bought a new DESKTOP pc. Maybe you could ask around like friends or family that may want a pc. I'm planning to sell it off as I don't really play games on it and get myself a decent notebook. As for the full performance, it's marvelous. Games that i've tried on this pc.

2.NFS Pro Street
3.Fuel of War
4.Command & Conquer (From Red Alert, RA2, Zero Hour, Tiberrium Wars)
5.Counter Strike
8.Age of Empire 3
10.GRAW 2


-AMD Athlon64X2 Dual-Core processor 5200+
-Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 (Can handle 2graphics card side by side using SLI)
-Power Colour ATI Radeon X1550 256MBGddr2 - 64bit
-(x2)1GB Kingston 667Mhz
-160GB Western Digital 7200rpm
-Trendsonic casing (Included 450W - non true power)
-(x1)Cooler Master system cooler fan
-(x1)Cooler fan extracted from old power supply

*Please NOTE - Never been overclocked.
*Bought on the month of Feb2008.
*Selling maybe at RM1800

Aligato for your help... (",)


writer said...

haha...u reli are a very confused person huh? buy dee then dun play games. I think I can ask around for you. I have a friend who's lookin in2 buying desktop. Will ask him for u =).

joseph & esther said...

Writer, seriously I am confused. Thought i needed a powerful system but turn out the other way. Go cyber play games can la, but go home play, not my kind. Thanks for your help...
BTW, who la you?...


writer said...

hahhaa...all the best with the new laptop then. I'm Eva, Esther's coursemate. =)

Lionel Tan said...

hey bro. get me pictures. so I can check it out and place it in forums. cheers