Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Blessed Christmas to everyone !!!...

Harlo !. So fast it's Christmas 2007 d. Walao. Si kan really fly la. To all our (Esther n Joe) friends, A Blessed Christmas to you !. May the desires of your heart come true as in line with God. It's wonderful knowing all our friends as you are a blessing to us in one way or another. We really appreciate it. Friends forever !!!. And thats a promise... God Bless.

But most important is not forgetting our Lord Jesus Christ who was born on this very day. He came to this earth to save us from our sins so that we may be with Him in heaven and not suffer in eternal fire. This Christmas, can we do something for Jesus?. It's nothing but jz say 'I LOVE YOU JESUS' with all your heart. Which means you are serious. He loves you. And to whoever that is reading this, no matter what you are going through, whatever that happened in your life, all the pain, suffering, confusion, hardship, and so on, JESUS loves you !!!.

He was always right beside you when you were in tears. Comforting, caring, supporting, loving, encouraging you. When you were down, He lifted you up with His very own hands. Don't let anything replace Him in your life. Not money, not a man or woman.

Most of all, Christmas is about the love of Jesus upon each of everyone of you... God Bless.

*Esther n Joseph*

Joseph = I LOVE YOU LORD !!!.
Esther = JESUS, I LOVE YOU !!!.

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